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(via Nicole Swanson, CARLI)

Due to high interest in Dr. Fred Schlipf’s webinar Comfortable Access to Library Buildings by Users and Staff with Disabilities: Going Beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act Minimums, a second offering of the program will be held on Tuesday, July 20, from 10:00 to 11:30 AM CDT. To register, please go here. More information is below.

Despite the Americans with Disabilities Act and relevant state building codes, many library buildings fail to deal with a range of everyday disabilities among users and staff. Some libraries were constructed before the ADA was first passed in 1990 and have not been required to conform with the act. A few more recent libraries have simply ignored aspects of the ADA. In addition, many everyday disabilities are not covered by legislation or building codes and are often ignored in building planning. This program will review accessibility options and some possible solutions. Although by far the best time to deal with accessibility issues is before design and construction begin, many things can be done later.

Presenter Dr. Fred Schlipf will review issues and problems in library building accessibility, with a variety of possible solutions. Attendees are also welcome to describe accessibility problems at their libraries and what they have done to deal with them, or simply to raise accessibility issues for discussion with the group attending. Registrants are invited to send accessibility questions or issues with photos in advance to support@carli.illinois.edu<mailto:support@carli.illinois.edu>. Please send your questions for Dr. Fred Schlipf by Tuesday, July 13.

Dr. Schlipf is coauthor of The Practical Handbook of Library Architecture: Creating Building Spaces that Work. He has consulted on about 200 library construction projects and has visited library buildings at every opportunity. He has been an adjunct professor at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois since 1970, where he specializes in practical issues in library architecture, and he was director of The Urbana Free Library from 1974 through 2007. He has a PhD from the Graduate Library School of the University of Chicago.

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(via Steve Brantley, Eastern Illinois University)

A signature AAC&U initiative, Making Excellence Inclusive is designed to explore how colleges and universities can fully utilize the resources of diversity to achieve academic excellence for all students. The annual RISE (Reaching Inclusivity for Student Excellence) conference provides faculty and staff the strategies and tools to support students’ academic success. The conference is also designed to raise awareness of the diverse challenges our students face, whether as members of underrepresented groups, as first-generation college students, as non-traditionally aged students, or as students with disabilities.

We welcome presentations on issues concerning inclusion, diversity, equity, trauma informed methods, the impacts of the pandemic on all aspects of education, the intersectionality of any of the aforementioned, and other topics that pertain to the theme. We also welcome presentations that engage with Illinois’ new Culturally Responsive Teaching standards. Sessions will be presented synchronously; presentations may be live or pre-recorded with live Q&A/discussion at the end.

Our Fall 2021 conference will be virtual. It will take place on Friday, October 15. Our keynote address and individual sessions will be offered in a virtual meeting format. You are warmly invited to join us regardless of whether you choose to submit a proposal. For more information about MEI’s mission and core principles, visit the MEI webpage.

Proposals are now being accepted for the fifth annual conference. Submit proposals here by Wednesday, June 30. (Doing so requires creating a free account.) Proposals should include the following information.

  • names/titles/departments/institutional affiliations, contact information for each presenter
  • session/presentation/workshop title
  • preferred session length (50 or 100 minutes with break)
  • 125-word abstract
  • 300-word description, including target audience, learning objectives/outcomes, relevance to MEI objectives and conference theme
  • 125-word bio statement for each presenter

Proposals will be peer reviewed and decisions will be made no later than Friday, August 20. We anticipate conference registration opening a few weeks before the conference date. Final presentations will be submitted for uploading by Thursday, October 7.

If you have any questions, please e-mail RISE@eiu.edu. Information on past RISE conferences is available here (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

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(via the Conference organizers)

Registration is now open for the free Lifelong Information Literacy (LILi) 2021 Virtual Conference. The event will take place on Friday, July 9, from 12:00 to 5:00 PM CDT. The deadline to register is Thursday, July 1, and please note that there are a limited number of seats. To register, go here. Invites will be sent out the week of the Conference to those who registered.

Conference sessions can be previewed on the LILi Padlet. The finalized schedule will be posted on the LILi website soon.

See our “LILi Community Agreements Draft” for how we are trying to create an inclusive, respectful, and actively engaging environment for all of our virtual and in-person events.

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(via Mallory Jallas, Illinois State University)

Are you interested in exploring issues related to student success with colleagues in Illinois? The Student Success Interest Group of Illinois (SSIGI) is an informal group that discusses, learns, and shares how academic libraries support student success around the state. Student success is an increasing focus for academic libraries, with positions, spaces, and work devoted to advancing library and institutional goals. Efforts in this area encompass activities like outreach, instruction, programming, assessment, and campus partnerships. Members of this interest group are encouraged to share their experiences and learn from one another. The group is open to all, including (but not limited to) library faculty and staff, and will convene 2-3 times a year for synchronous discussion.

The group will convene via Zoom on Thursday, July 29, from 10:00 to 11:00 AM, to discuss the transition to the coming school year.  If you are interested in attending and/or being added to the list to find out about future events, please complete our RSVP/interest form.

If you have any questions, please contact Mallory Jallas, at mrjalla@ilstu.edu, and Kimberly Shotick, at kshotick@niu.edu.

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(via Jodie Borgerding, Amigos Library Services)

Registration is now open for the Amigos Library Services class “Introduction to Scholarly Metrics”. This online course will provide an introductory overview of tried-and-true bibliometric indicators, including citation-based metrics such as Journal Impact Factor and h-Index. We will also cover the web-based metrics known as alternative or altmetrics. Scholarly metrics is a rapidly evolving field, so we will also identify some newer bibliometrics and altmetrics tools.

Students will come away from the workshop being able to complete the following tasks.

  • identify basic bibliometric and altmetric indicators used in research evaluation processes
  • generally explain the data underpinnings of altmetrics versus bibliometrics
  • locate and use sources for scholarly metrics available for free on the World Wide Web
  • use scholarly metrics appropriately and responsibly
  • know emerging trends in scholarly metrics and scholarly communication
  • to continue their learning, students will be asked to complete a “treasure hunt” worksheet after attending the webinar presentation

This course consists of one two-hour session, on Tuesday, June 22, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CDT.

Register here. The deadline is Friday, June 18, at 8:00 AM CDT. The individual registration for Amigos members is $95.00, and that for individual non-members is $155.00.

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(via Gwen Gregory, Northern Illinois University)

On behalf of REFORMA, the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking, thank you for your interest in this survey.

This survey is part of the project entitled “Telling Our Stories: Community Building and Leadership, Recruit and Retain Latinx to the Library Profession”. Funded by an IMLS grant (RE-00-17-0130-17), this study aims to identify challenges and highlight the experiences of librarians of color, particularly as it relates to retention and promotion. Our focus is to capture data to strengthen support for current and prospective Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) throughout the library field.

​We invite adults who have completed an MLIS and identify as a person of color to participate in this study. The survey is expected to take 20 minutes to complete. Your participation in this research is completely voluntary.  All data collected will remain anonymous and confidential. Participants will have the option to contribute to a 30-minute follow-up study for which there is an incentive.

We invite you to participate in this survey on employment and job seeking experiences of BIPOC librarians and fill out the form by Wednesday, July 14.

​Louis Muñoz Jr.
Tess Tobin



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(via the Illinois Library Association)

Join the ILA Marketing Forum for its monthly virtual roundtable on Friday, June 18, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This month the forum will welcome Sara Benson, copyright librarian and assistant professor at the University of Illinois Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who will present “Copyright, Fair Use, and Attribution Oh My“.

When marketing library materials, do you ever worry about copyright? Does fair use ever start to confound and confuse you? If so, this roundtable discussion is for you. In it, we will discuss copyright basics, how to find open access materials for library marketing, and, of course, fair use.

The monthly roundtable discussions are free and open to all library marketing, social media, graphic design, communications, and public relations professionals in the Illinois library community. Registration is required.

If you have any questions about the June roundtable or future roundtables, please contact Tamara Jenkins, at tjenkins@ila.org.

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(via Laureen Cantwell, Colorado Mesa University)

Chapters are sought for the forthcoming ACRL book Spatial Literacy in Public Health, focusing on collaborative spatial literacy teaching and learning initiatives across the college campus.

Public health has been at the forefront of global news and conversations since early 2020, resulting in an increased awareness of and interest in how public health topics connect with many areas of our lives, big and small, globally and locally. We have seen how public health integrates with data, business, economics, our grocery store, historical precedents, psychological factors, tourism, social media, and much more. Spatial literacy skills overlap with public health topics in many thought-provoking and discussion-friendly ways that can help students realize the relevance of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial literacy skills.

The goals of this book, ultimately, are to tie spatial literacy across the higher education curriculum, under the theme of public health intersections. This book will include content designed to have academic librarians and disciplinary faculty working together, and provide multimodal materials to foster successful in-classroom (or online!) deployment.

Chapter Structure

Each chapter of this book will have a specific spatial literacy focus using GIS tools and will be a collaborative effort between librarians and disciplinary faculty members. Chapters can connect with Covid-19 but that will not be a requirement. To provide a foundation for readers–other teaching librarians and their faculty collaborator(s)–each chapter will begin with an overview of foundational material to provide grounding in the established scholarship.

Next, the chapter will include a brief, annotated list of recommended readings that could be assigned to participants ahead of a workshop when appropriate; alternatively, readings could guide or otherwise serve as resources for the collaborators. Finally, each chapter will include hands-on activities and discussion prompts that could be used in the actual instructional session. QR codes will be integrated into the book to navigate users to additional content (e.g., videos, lesson plan modifications, and more) as needed to help set readers up for success in the activity and to save space within the book. Chapters should also factor in modifications for use of open source GIS tools, open access content, and virtual (vs. f2f) learning to help the work reach audiences with limited fee-based tools.

Authors will be asked to house a student-friendly PowerPoint version of their chapter in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox. Authors will be encouraged to have relevant screenshots and/or video tutorial content for the activity integrated into the slide deck, rather than into the chapter itself, unless critical. A teaching librarian, hopefully with a disciplinary faculty partner, will be able to use this content as-is…or modify it for the direct instruction portion of a session!

Final chapters should be 2,000-3,000 words in length.

Possible Chapter Topics

These are just examples of the kinds of spatial literacy + public health intersections we believe could be brought into this book.

  • supply chain management
  • temporal comparisons
  • social media campaigns
  • data visualization
  • racial disparities (and other demography themes)
  • immunization
  • epidemiology
  • environmental health/environmental Science
  • stock market/global economies
  • community health
  • K-12 education
  • recreation/tourism
  • …and other ideas you come up with!

Not sure if your idea or collaboration is a good fit? E-mail the editors! (See below for contact information.)

Our Timeline

Submission Due Dates

  • Submit your chapter proposal by Thursday, September 30, 2021.
  • Notifications will be sent by October 31, 2021.
  • Chapter drafts will be due February 28, 2022.
  • Final chapters will be due June 30, 2022.
  • Anticipated publication date Fall 2023.

Submit Your Proposal

Proposal information:

Authors should submit their proposal here.

Proposals should include:
1.    Discipline or audience addressed
2.    150-word abstract of proposed chapter
3.    Description of a sample learning activity

The Editors

Laureen P. Cantwell, Head of Access Services & Outreach, and Dr. Tammy Parece, Assistant Professor of Geography, both from Colorado Mesa University

Email SpatialLiteracyACRLBook@gmail.com to reach the editors with any questions.

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(via the Illinois Library Association)

Registration is now open for this year’s ILA Annual Conference, themed “Breaking Down Barriers: Building Up Communities”. The conference, scheduled for October 12-14 (Tuesday-Thursday), will include virtual networking, an exhibit hall, top notch sessions on the latest topics in librarianship, and incredible speakers. All live sessions will be recorded and available for viewing later.

Awarding-winning author Clint Smith will be our keynote speaker and the first 190 people to register for the conference will receive a free copy of his #1 New York Times Bestseller How the Word is Passed: a Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America.

Additional speakers include ALA Executive Director Tracie D. Hall; St. Louis based cartoonist, editor, and professor Steenz; and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Librarian at the University of Florida Libraries Twanna K. Hodge.

The early-bird rate deadline is Monday, September 13. So, don’t wait, view the schedule on the ILA website and register today!

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(via Carmen Cowick, Preserve This)

Preserve This is hosting a free webinar series during the month of September on the topic of current events in preservation. Webinars will be 45 minutes in length (including Q and A time at the end) and given every week during the month of September.

Presentation proposals are now being accepted. Presentations should cover recent projects, innovations, challenges, or undertakings related to preservation or collections care. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following topics.

  • preservation of physical collections
  • preservation of digital collections
  • disaster planning
  • digitization projects

Librarians, archivists, genealogists, historians, and museum professionals are encouraged to submit.

Please submit your proposal here by Thursday, July 1. Successful applicants will receive notice by Thursday, July 15.

For more information about Preserve This, please go here.

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