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(via Anne Craig, CARLI)

Good afternoon!

Following is an email I sent last week to directors about a survey to assess whether CARLI might apply for the CLIR Digitizing Hidden Collections grant. Please consider completing and submitting it.

I also write to you today to publicize the CLIR webinar about the grant on Tuesday, Feb. 5. Registration is at this link: I will be attending.

Thanks so much! Anne


Dear CARLI Directors/Deans:

I write to you today to ask your help in assessing whether CARLI might apply for the for the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) grant supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, “Digitizing Hidden Collections,” This grant seeks to fund the digitization of “…rare and unique content in collecting institutions.”

Please forward this message to the collections staff in your organization, especially:

·        Digital collections staff
·        Special and rare collections staff

The CLIR grant was suggested to me by a few of our member institutions as a possible consortium-wide effort because of its strong support for consortia and thorough project design, and its record of excellence in digitizing significant works. Among our membership, we can document a critical need for funding for digitization projects.

In order to evaluate whether CARLI should apply for this grant on behalf of our member libraries, we will need to assess whether we can assemble a cohesive collection from our member libraries–most likely based on a focus area of Illinois’ history–that is currently not discoverable and of significance to the larger research community. I encourage you to read the application information about this grant found at

If you are interested in possible participation, please complete the online survey, “Initial Assessment of CARLI Members’ Holdings” (takes about 15 minutes per included collection) by Friday, February 15.

Following the survey, next steps include an evaluation of the survey results with an eye to deciding whether we should proceed, and, if so, a conversation with the CARLI members involved. If we decide to proceed, we will call for a volunteer group of members to assist with drafting and compiling the necessary application information. Every CARLI member that completes the survey will receive a response indicating whether CARLI will proceed and whether the grant will include their library’s collections.

Although the grant is very competitive, I think that CARLI could present a strong application if we can identify appropriate and compelling collections housed at our member libraries. If awarded, the project must begin between January 1 and June 1, 2020. Collaborative projects can last up to 36 months and have a maximum request limit of $500,000. The application is due April 3, 2019.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you! Anne

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(via Debbie Campbell, CARLI)

As 2019 marks the 7th year that the I-Share “UB” Standard policies have been fully implemented across the consortium, the CARLI Resource Sharing Committee is undertaking a review of the policies.

This survey, to gather I-Share member library feedback, is one portion of the Committee’s review of the policies:

Please share the survey with your library colleagues; multiple people per I-Share member library are welcome to complete this survey. We plan to close the survey at the end of the day on Friday, February 15.

Please send any questions to

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(via Mary Oberlies, College of William and Mary)

You are invited to participate in a research survey examining the effect of personal and professional identity on the level of emotional labor performed in providing face-to-face services in libraries.

The purpose of this study is to discover how library employees at different professional levels and from different demographics perform emotional labor in providing face-to-face services in libraries. Participants can be any type of library employee (including librarian, staff, and student) and work in any type of library (including academic, public, and school), but must currently be in a position where they provide face-to-face services in a library setting.

If you choose to participate, you will complete a survey that will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time and for any reason. Results may be published and any identifying data will be removed. There is no identified risk to taking this survey.

Please feel free to share with other library colleagues who provide face-to-face services in their current position.

Thank you for your consideration. Any questions about the survey may be directed to:

Carolina Hernandez
Journalism and Communication Librarian
University of Oregon<>

Mary Oberlies
Research & Instruction Librarian
College of William and Mary<>

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Call for Participation: Survey on Makerspaces in Academic Libraries

(via Katy Mathuews, Ohio University)


We are conducting a survey to learn about academic library makerspaces for an upcoming book on planning, collaborating, and supporting campus innovation via academic library makerspaces. We would love to hear about your academic library makerspace!

Please consider taking our survey. The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Take the survey

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call as using the information below.

Many thanks,

Katy B. Mathuews, M.A., M.L.I.S., Ph.D.
Head of Collections Assessment & Access
Ohio University Libraries

Daniel J. Harper, M.I.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture
School of Art + Design
Ohio University

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(via Mary Konkel, College of DuPage)

On behalf of OCLC’s Global Council of library leaders I’d like to invite you to participate in the Open Content Survey.

OCLC’s Global Council of library leaders wants to hear from you regarding your library’s use and support of open content/open access resources. The goal of the survey is to engage a global audience of librarians in a joint exercise to map and align their open content activities and cultivate a shared understanding of how libraries are invested in and working together to leverage open content from around the globe.

All types of libraries are encouraged to complete the survey. We wish to gather as many different perspectives as possible, bringing more voices to the table and sharing a baseline understanding of libraries’ commitment to exploit the potential of open content. Open content is relevant to all libraries.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share it with your colleagues

Take the survey:

The survey will be open until January 15, 2019, and the results will be shared during the Global Council Meeting in March 2019.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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via Lindsay Inge Carpenter, University of Maryland)

We are working on a research project investigating the topic of *student shaming among academic librarians*. We define student shaming as public or private mocking of specific students, students generally, or students’ work.

If you currently work in an academic library, we invite you to take this survey on your perceptions of the frequency of student shaming at your institution, in the profession, and in higher education more generally.

This anonymous survey consists of 5 multiple choice questions and one open-text response. Respondents are also invited to share their email if interested in participating in follow-up virtual interviews. *To access the survey, please visit: *

Thank you for your consideration, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about this project.


Lindsay Inge Carpenter, University of Maryland, College Park Charissa Powell, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Callie Wiygul Branstiter, San Francisco State University

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(via Dr. Jason Martin, Middle Tennessee State University)

For those who have already completed the “Work and Well-Being of Professional Librarians and Library Staff” survey, I thank you very much. For those who have not yet completed the survey, please consider taking a few minutes to participate in this important study open to all librarians and library staff currently employed at an academic, public, or special library who are over the age of 18. Your voluntary participation is critical in helping the profession of librarianship better understand the library as a workplace.

The survey will be open through the end of Wednesday, October 31, and take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You will be asked to answer questions on how you feel at work and how often you feel that way. The survey may be found here.

All responses to this survey are confidential. No respondents will be identified in any way in any of the study’s reports. This is an academic research study that, although your participation is voluntary, greatly needs your input.

If you have any questions or comments about this study, please contact Jason Martin by phone (615-904-8378) or e-mail (

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(via Jodie Borgerding, Amigos Library Services)

Librarians Jodie Bordering of Amigos Library Services, Joyce Garczynski of Towson University, John Jackson of Loyola Marymount University, and Jennifer Peters of Rockhurst University are conducting a survey examining perceptions of academic librarian parents.

To take the survey, visit:

This anonymous survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Results will only be discussed in the aggregate. Participation is voluntary, participants do not have to answer every question, and participants are encouraged to respond honestly and candidly. There are no direct personal benefits to participating in this research study. This survey will be open until Monday, November 12, 2018.

The researchers hope to share the aggregate findings from this survey in a future publication or conference presentation.

If you have any questions about the project, you may contact John Jackson at 310-338-5234 or or David Moffet, Ph.D., Chair of Loyola Marymount University’s Institutional Review Board at


To take the survey, visit:

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Reminder: HSLI Member Survey–Conference Feedback

(via Miranda Shake, HSLI Past President)

The conference planning committee is surveying all HSLI members for feedback on conferences.

If you attended the 2018 meeting, the survey includes questions specific to the 2018 conference. The survey should take about 7 minutes to complete.

If you did not attend the 2018 conference we still want you to take the survey! There are questions about what you want in future CE and how to make the conference more useful to you. The survey should take 3 minutes or less if you did not attend the 2018 conference

Go to the survey:

Please try to complete the survey by October 17th so your voice can be heard.
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(via Starr Hoffman–University of Nevada, Las Vegas)


My colleague James Cheng and I are soliciting participants for a survey related to our ACRL Impact Grant-funded research study: Researchers on Academic Library Impact: Characteristics and Perspectives. This is a research study; its purpose is to explore the perspective and experience of academic library professionals related to library impact, particularly around their experiences conducting research in this area.  If you are an academic library professional and have either conducted, will conduct, or used research on the impact of academic libraries on student success, you meet the criteria for this study.

About the Study

By exploring the perspective and experience of academic library professionals related to library impact, we aim to enrich the information provided in ACRL’s 2017 Academic Library Impact (ALI) Report. The individual perspectives sought through interviews for the ALI report primarily consisted of library administrators and provosts, not librarians. However, the perspective and experience of library professionals who perform the research upon which the ALI report relies is an overlooked but valuable area of research.

This project will survey and interview professional librarians and researchers, particularly those who are directly conducting research on the academic library impact of student success, to understand their perspective and research experiences. This project seeks librarians’ perspectives on the six ALI priority areas and selected ALI research questions (e.g. “What factors influence librarian communication with academic library users and potential users?” or, “What factors affect librarian decisions regarding the level of confidentiality or privacy of student data?”). This study will also ask how prepared librarians felt to perform this research and how confident they are in the meaningfulness and rigor of their results, to provide a nuanced context for digesting and using this research. Lastly, this project will give insight into this population by defining their demographics and working habits.

About the Survey

This online survey should take approximately 15-30 minutes, and you will have the opportunity at the end to indicate whether you would be interested in participating in a follow-up interview at a later date by phone or video chat. Participation in this survey is completely voluntary, and you may exit the survey at any time.

You may complete the survey at this link:

If you have any questions about the survey or this research project, please contact us:

·         Starr Hoffman, Principal Investigator, <>, 702-895-4369

·         James Cheng, <>, 702-895-1964

This study has been deemed exempt by UNLV’s Institutional Review Board [1288276-1].

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