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Call for Nominations–HSLI Treasurer

(via Molly Horio, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center)

The HSLI Board of Directors is seeking nominations of current HSLI members for election to the office of HSLI Treasurer. The Treasurer will serve a two-year term that begins after the 2016 Annual Business Meeting in November, and ends at the close of the Annual Business Meeting in 2018.

HSLI members are encouraged to consider running for office or nominating a colleague who is interested in being nominated. Self-nominations are welcome! This is a great opportunity for professional service and leadership development, and there are typically only two HSLI Board meetings per year. The responsibilities of the HSLI Treasurer are as follows.

Duties of the Treasurer (from the HSLI Bylaws)

A. To keep a register of the paid members.

B. To collect assessments, maintain the funds of the organization, and pay bills.

C. To submit a financial report to the membership at the annual meeting.

D. To fill out and submit federal, state, or local forms required to run the organization/corporation.

Please contact Molly Horio, Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, at molly.a.horio@osfhealthcare.org, if you would like to nominate someone or have any questions about the office of HSLI Treasurer. Submit your nominations or self-nominations by Wednesday, October 19.

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HSLI Seeking Candidates for President-Elect

(via Molly Horio)

HSLI elects new leaders each year, so we can continue to provide professional and educational development and networking opportunities for Illinois librarians, information professionals, and library students in the health sciences. This fall, HSLI will elect a new President-Elect. The President-Elect will serve a one-year term, to commence at the close of the HSLI Annual Business Meeting in October 2015. After serving one year as President-Elect, the incumbent will become HSLI President for two years.

Please nominate a colleague who is an active HSLI member, or volunteer to run for the office yourself! It is a great opportunity to contribute to the profession and to grow as a leader. Please submit your nominations and/or questions to Molly Horio, Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, by Friday August 28, 2015 at molly.horio@advocatehealth.com.

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Proposed HSLI Bylaws Amendment

For two years there has been an ad hoc Helen Knoll Jira Scholarship Committee reporting to the HSLI board on the Jira Scholarship fund. As this committee has a permanent role, the proposed bylaws amendment adds the Helen Knoll Jira Scholarship Committee to the list of standing committee and lists the proposed committee’s charges. Please consider the amendment below and send any comments to the HSLI Bylaws Committee Chair, Jeanne Sadlik jsadlik@luc.edu, by 12/31/2014.


Proposed addendum:

Actile V Committees

Section 1: Standing Committees

HSLI Standing Committees shall include a Nomination and Elections Committee, a Bylaws Committee, a Membership Committee, and a Legislative Committee, an Archives Committee, a Website Committee, a Newsletter Committee, a Conference Committee, and a Helen Knoll Jira Scholarship Committee.


  1. The HSLI Helen Knoll Jira Scholarship Committee shall:
    1. Select the investment firm to manage the funds
    2. Develop policies and procedures for the committee
    3. Decide selection criteria for awards to support graduate education in library science or a closely related field of benefit to the profession of librarianship
    4. Submit articles/announcements to the Newsletter Committee regarding scholarship deadlines and qualifications
    5. Monitor the application procedure for candidates and brief the Board on candidates
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HSLI New Officers

Daneen Richardson, Western Illinois University, assumed the duties of President of HSLI at the close of the Business Meeting. Daneen has been at WIU since 2012 and was previously at Grahm Hospital. To offer congratulations, ask a question, or talk about HSLI, Daneen can be reached at D-Richardson2 (at) wiu (dot) edu.

Sarah Isaacs, Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse Librarian, was elected as the new HSLI treasurer. Thanks to out-going Treasurer Dianne Olson for her 4 years of service.

Congratulations to Daneen and Sarah!


Passing the Gavel: Daneen and Stacey


Sarah taking notes Friday morning.


















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HSLI Board Meeting August 7

The HSLI Board will meet on Thursday, August 7 at the Hilton Garden Inn. The preliminary agenda is as follows:

Review of Agenda

Approval of Fall 2013 Board Minutes

President’s Report–Stacey Knight-Davis

Treasurer’s Report–Dianne Olson

President Elect’s Report–Daneen Richardson



Archives Committee–Miranda Shake

Bylaws committee–Jeanne Sadlik – written report

Conference 2013 Committee–Roy Jones

Conference 2014–Stacey Knight-Davis

Consortia Purchases

Legislative Committee–Michael Wold/Eric Edwards

Listserv Committee–Linda Feinberg

Marketing Committee

Membership Committee–Roy Jones

Midwest Chapter/MLA Liaison–Daneen Richardson

Newsletter Committee–Beth Robb/Joyce Pallinger

Proposal to add additional contributors

Nominating Committee–Molly Horio

Regional Advisory Committee–RAC has not met, no report

Starfish Thrower Award Committee

Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Committee

Website Committee–Stacey Knight-Davis


Old Business–Jira Scholarship endowment

New Business–R2 Digital Library Offer

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Back Issues Added to HSLI Newsletter Archive

Fran Kovach has digitized the 1980s and 1990s issues of the HSLI Newsletter. You can now view these back issues at


They are also linked on the menu at the right.

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Legislative Committee Report

The Legislative Committee continually tracks legislation in both the Illinois General Assembly, which started its 98th session in January, and the United States Congress, which began its 113th session, also in January. The committee has sent out alerts to HSLI members regarding the following pieces of legislation:

  • Illinois Senate Bill 1900–improves open access to research conducted at public universities and community colleges in the state (sent to the Governor on June 14)
  • Illinois Senate Bill 1950–increases flexibility for local public bodies to invest in municipal bonds, which provide funding for public and school libraries (sent to the Governor on June 14)
  • Illinois House Bill 0214–appropriations bill that includes funding for library systems, especially grants for improving accessibility and technology (sent to the Governor on June 4)
  • U.S. House Resolution 933–general appropriations act that includes funding for LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act, the only federal program devoted exclusively to libraries) and IAL (Innovative Approaches to Literacy, which funds literacy programs for at-risk children in preschool through 12th grade)–became public law

Michael Wold and Eric Edwards, Legislative Committee Co-Chairs

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HSLI is seeking volunteers for several open committee positions. Whether you have served in the past or are new to the HSLI community, we are seeking your ideas and service. There are positions open on the Bylaws and Marketing committees that offer the opportunity to shape how HSLI operates and spread the word about what HSLI does.

If you would like to be a part of conference planning, the 2014 conference planning committee is forming now. As a reminder, conference planning committee chair receives a 50% waiver of registration fees for the current conference. Subcommittee chairs receive a 25% discount on registration fees.

Please contact Stacey Knight-Davis slknight@eiu.edu (217-581-7549) to volunteer or for more information.

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Legislative Committee Report – Illinois Library Day – Part 3 of 3

In part 3 of 3 of this report, HSLI president, Fran E. Kovach, M.L.I.S., covers the meeting with Senator Mark Kirk’s office staff representative.

During Illinois Library Day, an appointment occurred with Michael Rasmussen, Springfield staff representative for U.S. Senator Mark Kirk. Two key points emphasized were to encourage the Senator to support LSTA level-funded in President’s FY2013 budget request $184.7 million and to support the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2012 (or FRPAA) (S. 2096). Re-inventing a strong workplace force is imperative as the economy grows to recovery. Libraries support the curriculum of nursing, allied health professionals, and even culinary art careers. In addition, libraries provide Internet access for prospective job applicants. Federal Research funded by taxes should be freely accessible to the American citizens. Digital archives can retain final manuscripts six months after publication with free public access and preserve the research indefinitely. FRPAA would enable smaller institutions access to information formerly cost prohibitive. Having vital health information available to researchers directly links to higher patient care.

I had the opportunity to explain how our organization functions, and that our membership represents 59 hospital, 37 academic, 4 special libraries, and 2 public libraries. Mr. Rasmussen had no idea that hospitals had libraries or librarians. After we discussed how librarians are part of the health care team, he asked if all hospitals had libraries. Now we have opened the dialogue and hope to have more conversations in the future.

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Legislative Committee Report – Illinois Library Day – Part 2 of 3

In part 2 of 3 of this report, Michael Wold, MLIS covers his experience.

Fran Kovach, Eric Edwards, and I attended the ILA Library Day in Springfield on April 17th and 18th, 2012. A dinner was held at the State House Inn with a presentation explaining the process of advocacy with our representatives and senators on various issues.

Pre-arranged appointments were kept with Senators Darin LaHood and Larry Bomke and with Representatives Jim Sacia, Raymond Poe, and Rich Brauer. The Congressmen were cordial and listened to our issues. I was impressed by their willingness to help, but due to financial constraints, the flat level of funding can be expected. In addition, some of the representatives expressed the “bad” times hospitals face with the cuts in Medicare/Medicaid funding. The topic of “tax-exempt” status was discussed with no solution to this problem; however, a formula may be developed.

The representatives seemed impressed that a group of Health Science Librarians was participating in Illinois Library Day. Of course, we were representing all libraries with an emphasis on health science libraries. Overall, it was a good feeling that we accomplished our mission.

In the past, Illinois Library Day attendance was in the hundreds consisting of librarians and library supporters. Now, a distinctively smaller group, about 60, represents these issues. Due to the change of library systems structure and less, support available from the State Library attendance is lacking. Of course, there is no money, but I think now more than ever is the perfect time to ask for support or to ask to maintain the existing support.
For more information on advocacy, the ILA has an Advocacy Toolkit. The toolkit is at:http://www.ila.org/advocacy/advocacy-toolkit

Again, I thank Fran and Eric for doing such a great job. Our team will continue to advocate for our libraries and all types of libraries.

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