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(via Dr. Pamela Thomas, Illinois Heartland Library System)

The following upcoming sessions are available through the Cataloging Maintenance Center. A general description of the series, along with more detail on each individual session, is below. Please direct any questions or comments, including ideas for topics that future sessions could cover, to Dr. Pamela Thomas, SHARE Bibliographic Project Coordinator at the Illinois Heartland Library System, at

A one-hour chat session with staff from the Cataloging Maintenance Center (CMC). Each session will begin with a short presentation on a general cataloging topic. The session will then be opened for questions on the presentation as well as on any cataloging topic. Interactive discussion, after the presentation, is encouraged!

The presentations will not focus on any ILS, or on local practices of any library or consortia.

Register in L2 for these webinars.

September 19, 2019: To be a Series or not to be a Series
This month’s topic: Series: A series statement for a series title, statement of responsibility, will be discussed. How to format the 490 and the 8xx fields will be covered. Register at:

October 17, 2019: Subject Analysis
This month’s topic: Subject Analysis: Subject analysis can be complicated. Subject headings or topics that match the item being cataloged need to be determined. The 20% rule, which recommends assigning headings only for topics that comprise at least¬†20% of the work, is still applicable. Register at:

November 21, 2019: Cataloging Kits
This month’s topic: Cataloging Kits: Multiple items cataloged as one unit, kits, can be challenging. MARC fields and RDA guidelines for kits will be discussed. Register at:

December 19, 2019: Language, Idioma, Sprache, La Langue: Cataloging Foreign Language Materials

This month’s topic: Cataloging Foreign Language Materials: Cataloging materials in a foreign language can be challenging. Tips, tricks, and resources for cataloging foreign language materials will be shared. Register at:

January 16, 2020: Cataloging Rare Books
This month’s topic: Cataloging Rare Books: Printed materials in special collections require additional details of description in order to identify significant characteristics (bibliographical format, typeface, etc.), which help identify a resource (editions, impressions, or issues), and provide a more exact description of the resource. Register at:

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(via Miranda Shake, HSLI Past President)

Illinois Heartland Library System recently featured two HSLI members, Nina Pals and Anieta Trame (both of Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center in Mattoon), in its “Member Services: Site Visits at Special Libraries” update. Anna Yackle, Membership Coordinator at IHLS, visited Sarah Bush Lincoln HC to learn about the services it provides and recent projects Pals and Trame, who share director responsibilities, have undertaken. The part of the report covering Sarah Bush Lincoln HC is below.

Next I visited the Nina Pals and Anieta Trame at the Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center in Mattoon. Nina is listed as the Director, but she says Anieta and she share the position. They actively encourage members of the public to come in and use their library and do outreach within the hospital to help staff, patients and their families keep current with the latest medical advancements as well as any general questions they may have.  These smart and creative women were able to create a one-page annual report that using infographics to provide an accurate and engaging illustration of the dynamic asset the library is to the hospital.

To view the full update, which also covers SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon and Giertz Education Center at Krannet Art Museum on the UIUC campus, please go here.

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