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(via Elizabeth Brumfield, Prairie View A&M University)

Announcing the new ALA EDI Assembly!

At the 2020 Midwinter Meeting, the ALA Executive Board charged the ODLOS Advisory Committee with creating an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Assembly.  The purpose of this EDI Assembly is to provide a forum for all groups within ALA and ALA-affiliated organizations working on initiatives related to equity, diversity, and inclusion to discuss their activities, identify opportunities for collaboration and coordination, and explore new initiatives related to the association’s strategic direction for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Who’s invited?

All groups within ALA and ALA-affiliated organizations working on initiatives related to equity, diversity, and inclusion are invited to send representatives. Individuals interested in equity, diversity, and inclusion are also welcomed to attend and participate. Volunteers will serve two-year terms on the assembly, with flexibility as needed.

How will it work?

The EDI Assembly will meet quarterly, starting with its inaugural meeting on Tuesday, August 4, from 2:00 to 3:30 PM CDT. We will use the ten principles outlined in the ALA EDI Implementation Working Group’s final report as a framework for our discussions, so that as we share the work we’re doing, we will map those principles to our work and identify gaps in what’s being worked on so that we can move towards a holistic culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

What are those ten principles again?

The ten principles are:

  • Communication
  • Courage
  • Centralization
  • Cultural competency/humility
  • Consistency
  • Cooperation & Collaboration
  • Coordination
  • Commitment
  • Change
  • Caring

How do I sign up?  

You can sign up for the EDI Assembly through the ALA Volunteer Form.

Choose ALA from the drop-down menu. You will have the option to choose from different committees; select EDI Assembly.

I still have questions!

Please contact Elizabeth Brumfield, incoming chair of the ODLOS Advisory Committee and convener of the EDI Assembly, at ejbrumfield@pvamu.edu.

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(via the American Library Association)

The Nominating Committee for the 2021 American Library Association election is soliciting nominees to run on the 2021 spring ballot for the offices of ALA President-Elect and Councilor-at-Large. The Nominating Committee will select two candidates to run for President-Elect and no fewer than 51 candidates for the 33 at-large Council seats to be filled in the 2021 spring election.

The President-Elect will serve a three-year term: as President-Elect in 2021-22, as President in 2022-23, and as Immediate Past President in 2023-24. The Councilors-at-Large will serve three-year terms, beginning after the 2021 ALA Annual Conference and ending at the adjournment of the 2024 Annual Conference. The ALA president and councilors also serve in corresponding roles in the ALA-Allied Professional Association [ALA-APA]. Individuals considering ALA-APA office are encouraged to consult with their employer regarding any restrictions pertaining to lobbying activities or service on the governing body of a 501(c)6 organization.

Members who wish to make nominations should submit the following information: nominee name; present position; institution; address; telephone; and e-mail address. Self-nominations are encouraged. All potential nominees must complete the Potential Candidate Biographical Form found here.

You will be asked to create an account to access the form. Nominations and forms must be received no later than Friday, July 10, 2020. The 2021 ALA elections will take place March 8-April 17, 2021.

Nominations may be sent to any member of the Nominating Committee for the 2021 ALA Election. Please let any Nominating Committee member (a list is available here, on page 16) know if you are considering running next year or if you have any questions.

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(via Evelyn Cunico, information and management consultant)

Beyond the digital divide is the “division of learning”, a term coined by Shoshana Zuboff in her 2019 book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, to describe the rift between today’s data-hungry tech giants and the people using these platforms who are kept unaware of how their personal information is being handled, repackaged, and sold. At risk is the destruction of privacy as we know it, as the profiteers in the surveillance economy seek to render all human experience into tools for predicting–and manipulating–behavior. What can librarians do to help bridge the division of learning, both through the creation of new literacies and by following the long-standing privacy ethics of their own profession?

This 90-minute presentation will answer those questions and take a look at the insidious threats surveillance capitalism poses to our patrons, such as in the LinkedIn for Libraries situation, the use of third-party trackers on library websites, and publishers trying to staunch subscription losses by collecting and selling user data. The presenters will also talk about how some of these technologies are currently being used during COVID-19/protests and provide recommended resources for creating discussion and workshops with your patrons on these issues, and connect you with communities of practice that are empowering library workers to make a difference through democracy.

Learning Outcomes

Learning objectives for this program include:

  • Understand the impacts of commercial and state surveillance on library patrons, intellectual freedom, and civil liberties, and be empowered to express concerns to community members, library leaders, and other stakeholders
  • Discover strategies and resources for library programming (i.e., discuss ion groups and workshops) as well as professional groups that can support patron education and help bridge the division of learning
  • Create a foundational knowledge of how and why this technology was monetized and how it has become an insidious part of our daily lives

Who Should Attend

Any librarian and administrator interested in learning new technology privacy ethics of the profession.

To register for the event and learn more, including costs, please go here.

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(via Jennifer Maddox Abbott, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign)

The Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group (CITSIG) of ALCTS seeks presenters for lightning talks for its session at ALCTS Virtual Interest Group Week, June 8-12, 2020. We’re looking for quick, bite-size (5-10 minutes) talks on what creative ideas and practices you’re currently implementing or hoping to undertake soon. We welcome talks on how you’re adapting workflows or taking on entirely new projects for the rapidly-changing work environment of the covid-19 pandemic, but we also welcome non-pandemic topics, such as projects you recently wrapped up or ongoing maintenance efforts.

Housed within the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services division of ALA, the Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group was created to provide a forum to discuss issues related to the evolution of technical services. The group is especially interested in exploring the interdependency between departments and the ways in which technical services affects, and is affected by, technology and publishing trends.

Please submit your proposal to the Interest Group’s chair, Jenny Maddox Abbott (maddox5@illinois.edu), and vice-chair, Sarah Hovde (sehovde1@gmail.com), by Tuesday, May 26. Include the following information in the proposal.

  • presentation title
  • short presentation summary (less than 150 words)
  • name, title, affiliation, and email address for all presenters

Presenters will be notified of acceptance by Friday, May 29. Specific day and time of the session TBD.

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(via Rene Tanner, Arizona State University)

Call for Submissions: Sustainability in Libraries

The book Sustainability in Libraries, edited by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Monika Antonelli, Adrian K. Ho, and René Tanner, will be published by ALA Editions. This work will offer insights into the important developments on how librarians provide leadership and how libraries serve as models for sustainable practices. The editors are seeking articles from a variety of perspectives on topics related to sustainability–including crisis preparation, response, and recovery–within the library profession.

Objective of the Book

In 2019, the American Library Association adopted Sustainability as a new Core Value. This book will provide direction to library personnel and libraries as institutions to position themselves as connectors, conveners, and catalysts for the changes needed. “Sustainability” is not an end point but a mindset, a lens through which operational and outreach decisions can be made. With the climate crisis upon us and its devastating impact on wildlife, oceans, air quality, soil, and the very fabric of life on Earth, we are compelled to find answers and provide direction for our library communities whether they be rural, suburban, metropolitan, schools, or institutions of higher learning. The examples and ideas shared in this edited volume will have far reaching potential and bolster the United Nations’ work on the Sustainable Development Goals, which seek to create a more sustainable future for all.

Suggested Topics

The book chapters will be divided into three main themes for sustainable action.

Theme #1: Libraries as Inspiration & Catalysts – Content that would fall under this theme include topics and examples related to how libraries may provide leadership and serve as a model for sustainable practices through facility stewardship, innovative service design, and outreach and partnership practices.

Theme #2: Libraries as Conveners & Connectors – Content that would fall under this theme include topics and examples related to how libraries work collaboratively through visionary partnerships to facilitate collective impact work to address existing challenges and opportunities with a focus on community well-being and self-reliance.

Theme #3: Libraries as Contributors to Community Resilience – Content that would fall under this theme includes topics and examples of how libraries contribute to future community resilience. For example, active participation in library-centric or community-based resilience/disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts and work that contributes to creating a culture of respect, understanding, and empathy in the library’s service area.

Target Audience

The intended audience for this book is people working in public, school, academic, special, rural, and urban libraries. In addition, this book will include instructional materials to be used in Library and Information Science programs to educate future library practitioners about Sustainability, the newest Core Value of Librarianship.

Special Considerations

High-quality, large file, professional, black and white images are encouraged to enhance the text. Unless they are public domain or openly licensed for commercial use, a permission release will be required for each image submitted. A model release form will be necessary for any images with recognizable people in them. The person must be a legal adult or have a parent’s permission to use the image.

Submission Guidelines

The editors welcome submissions from authors who are interested or have experience creating sustainable libraries or working on topics of sustainability in connection with libraries. The editors are open to a variety of submissions including research articles, how-to articles, essays, and interviews. Manuscript submissions should comply with APA Style.

The editors are looking for submissions about sustainability in libraries that emphasize scalable approaches that can be applied to a variety of libraries at different levels. Brief proposals about programs and partnerships that provide inspiration and actionable takeaways are encouraged. Submit a summary of your proposed article (300 words or less) to Sustainability in Libraries here.

The development of manuscripts will be done in phases. After comments are returned to authors regarding accepted chapter summary proposals, a chapter outline (500 words or less) will be requested.

Once authors receive acceptance for their chapters they will submit their final manuscripts in .doc or .docx format. Suggested length is 2,000 to 3,500 words.  Manuscripts should comply with APA style guidelines.


  • Chapter Summary Proposal deadline:  June 15, 2020
  • Notification by editors of proposal acceptance: July 15, 2020
  • Chapter Outlines deadline:  August 17, 2020
  • First Manuscript Drafts deadline: October 1, 2020
  • Additional key dates will be sent to successful proposal writers.

For additional information, please contact:

Adrian Ho, Director of Digital Scholarship, University of Kentucky, at hoadriank@gmail.com; or

Rene Tanner, Liaison Librarian, Humanities Division, Arizona State University, at rene.tanner@asu.edu.

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(via the American Library Association)

Two weeks ago, we addressed several copyright issues on AL Live. We received so many audience questions and comments that our expert panel is back for a second session, where we’ll continue the discussion of how libraries can address these challenges. We’​ll also share practical tips and information about which digital content providers have loosened restrictions on their materials during this pandemic.

Panelists include:

• Lesley Ellen Harris, CEO of Copyrightlaws.com
• Jill Hurst-Wahl, associate professor of pr​actice, Syracuse University School of Information Studies, and president of Hurst Associates, Ltd.
• Kenneth D. Crews, attorney, Gipson Hoffman & Pancione, and international copyright consultant​

Tune in to this free 60-minute webcast, starting at 11:00 AM CDT on Friday, April 17. Don’t miss out! Register now.

Registration and attendance for this event is limited, but a recording will be posted on our AL Live page as soon as it is available.

In case you missed our previous Libraries and COVID-19 Webinars:

• Libraries and COVID-19: Managing Strategies and Stress
• Libraries and COVID-19: Providing Virtual Services
• Libraries and COVID-19: Considering Copyright during a Crisis
• Libraries and COVID-19: Using 3D Printing to Make Personal Protective Equipment

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(via Cynthia Romanowski, Governors State University)

The ACRL Technical Services Interest Group invites presentation proposals for its ALA Annual Conference in Chicago on Sunday, June 28, from 4:00 to 5:00 PM.

The ACRL Technical Services Interest Group seeks speakers to submit proposals for short (15-20 minutes) presentations.  The charge of the Interest Group is “To provide a broad framework for information exchange on current developments and activities related to technical services including, but not limited to, collection development, collection management, acquisitions, metadata services and resource discovery and delivery in academic libraries; To develop programs and foster and sponsor education and training opportunities that contribute to and enhance an understanding of acquisitions, metadata services and resource discovery and delivery in academic libraries; To better connect technical services librarians with ACRL and to enhance technical services.”.

We would particularly like to hear from prospective presenters who wish to share their experiences with various issues regarding current developments and activities within the context of Academic Libraries’ Technical Services.

Please complete the online form by Friday, April 3We will select and notify presenters by Friday, April 10.

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(via Lorelei Rutledge, University of Utah)

The ALA LLAMA (Library Leadership & Management Association) Mentoring Committee is recruiting for both mentors and mentees for our July 2020-June 2021 year. The LLAMA Mentoring Program pairs librarians who are currently in leadership positions with librarians who are interested in becoming leaders. This year, in the spirit of increased collaboration between LLAMA, ALCTS, and LITA, members of all three divisions are eligible to participate.

For mentors, it is a chance to pass on your experience and knowledge by working one-on-one with an enthusiastic colleague who is ready to learn and benefit from your experience.

For mentees, it is a great opportunity to learn from an accomplished leader how to:

  • Explore your leadership potential;
  • Demonstrate leadership in your current position;
  • Acquire the skills, attitudes, and relationships that you will need to move into leadership roles.

Participants must be ALA members and members of ALCTS, LITA, or LLAMA at the start of the program, and must either attend the Mentor/Mentee orientation at ALA Annual or be able to participate in a virtual orientation at a time to be determined.

The deadline to apply to become a mentor or a mentee is Friday, February 28,.

To apply to become a mentor, go here. To apply to become a mentee, go here.

For more information about the LLAMA Mentoring program, contact Mentoring Committee Chair Mary Moser, at Mary.Moser@umb.edu, or Lorelei Rutledge, at Lorelei.Rutledge@utah.edu.

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(via Penny Scott, University of San Francisco)

Call for Proposals

The Business Reference in Academic Libraries Committee of ALA’s BRASS (Business Reference and Services Section) seeks proposals for engaging presentations to be part of an online symposium via Zoom on Friday, April 24. Proposals may be submitted by anyone, but priority consideration will be given to proposals from BRASS members. Proposals should describe a 45-minute session (30 minutes for presentation with 15 minutes for facilitated discussion and/or question-and-answer) that relates to some aspect of business librarianship in an academic library setting. We seek proposals that will be interactive and provide practical takeaways for participants.

Proposal Components

Title (50 words or less): Interesting and descriptive
Abstract (250 words or less): Summary of your presentation
Session outcomes (2-3): Describe what participants will learn during your session that they can apply at their library or in their role as a business librarian
Long Description: Describe how you will engage participants in an online session and make your presentation interactive. Detail the practical components of your presentation — what will you teach attendees that will enrich their professional practice? What materials will you share (LibGuides, Lesson Plans, etc) with attendees that can be used as a reference or model?
Suggested topics should fall under the broad heading of interdisciplinary collaborations, and should include, but are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data literacy and/or data visualization
  • The business information literacy one-shot
  • Creating effective online instruction for business information literacy
  • Building liaison relationships/instruction programs with difficult-to-reach departments (which may include: accounting, finance, human resources management, and business technology)
  • Developing business programming at your library
  • Advocating for new resources or program funding

The call for proposals will close on Friday, March 6. Please click here to submit proposals.

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(via Chapel Cowden, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

The call has been extended for our POSTER Session at ALA Annual in Chicago, IL. All submissions are due by 10:59 PM CDT on Thursday, January 30. The Poster Session will be held on Sunday, June 28, 2020. You DO NOT need to be a member of STS to submit a proposal.

Submissions Posters should cover research endeavors or practitioner projects that enhance science and technology librarianship.  Proposals should provide useful and practical findings, and describe opportunities for discussion with participants. Your submission should include:

  • brief background information about your project,
  • the research question or problem that drove your project,
  • the methods used,
  • your findings and a brief discussion that includes the impact of your project.

Your proposal should total no more than 250 words. Because this is a blind review process, be sure to include your name, institution, phone, and email addresses of all participants (not part of word count) separate from your abstract (the form has separate fields for these items).

Please submit your proposal via this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccY52WdFBD6gbQq-QBNp-3gzOFa1t36b6BxVfOfpIgzJaAKA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Acceptance of proposals reflects a commitment by the author(s) to present at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. Travel support from STS is not available. Specific logistical details will follow upon acceptance.  If you have any questions, please ask the STS Research Committee co-chairs:

Chapel Cowden, chapel-cowden@utc.edu

Rachel Hamelers, rachelhamelers@muhlenberg.edu

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