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HSLI Starfish Thrower Award 2011: Call for Nominees

Do you know someone who has made an important contribution of time and/or talent to our organization? Would you like to recognize a fellow member for their participation in HSLI? Nominate the person for 2011 Starfish-Thrower Award!

This award is based on the story of the child who “makes a difference” by throwing stranded star fish back into the ocean one at a time. Thus, the award recognizes the efforts and contributions of an individual HSLI member toward the good of the organization.

If you would like to nominate a colleague for the award, please download the Star-Thrower Award nomination form from the HSLI website http://www.hsli.org

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Starfish Thrower Award 2010: It’s Not Too Late to Nominate

It’s not too late to nominate!! The Starfish Thrower Award is presented to an HSLI member who made a difference to the organization. The winner receives a trophy and is honored at the Awards Ceremony held during the Annual Conference in the fall. Any HSLI member is eligible to nominate any other HSLI member for the award. The guidelines and nomination forms are found at:

Guidelines – here

Forms – here

To Submit a nomination, complete the official form and submit by mail, fax, or email attachment to:

Linda Feinberg HSLI President
Evanston Hospital, Webster Library
Evanston, I L 60201
Fax: (847) 570-2926
Email: lfeinberg@northshore.org.

The winner will be selected by the HSLI Board of Directors and presented at the Annual Conference.

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