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Call for Submissions: ILA Reporter and ILA Connector

(via the Illinois Library Association)

We are accepting submissions for the ILA Reporter and the ILA Connector.

For the ILA Reporter, we are seeking the following types of pieces.

  • articles that explore an issue, rather than promoting a particular initiative or program, with examples from more than one library or type of library
  • writing that considers a “how to think about . . .” approach rather than “how to do . . .”
  • submissions from all geographic areas of the state
  • submissions that relate to ILA’s strategic goal area of a culture of diversity and inclusion, both in the profession and the association.

For the ILA Connecter blog, we are seeking blog topics or themes on (but are not limited to) conferences and events, historical essays pertaining to the library world, book or other material challenges, programming ideas, information for job seekers, local author interviews, local library staff or trustee interviews, celebration days or weeks, library instruction, social media, mentorship, marketing, networking, MLIS courses/programs, professional or otherwise pertinent book reviews, privacy & censorship,  work/life balance, and more.

Submission guidelines for the ILA Reporter are available here, and for the ILA Connectorhere, . If you have any questions regarding submissions for either publication, please contact Kendall Harvey, at kharvey@ila.org.

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(via the Illinois Library Association)

Does your library have an interesting story no one knows about or is there a fun fact about your library that only your patrons and staff and know about? If so, share it with the Illinois library community! We are launching an Illinois library #MondayFunday fact or story that we will post on our Facebook page every Monday to start the week. Members will get a chance to share an interesting story or historical tidbit about their library.

Share an experience of a celebrity visiting your library or who was an employee, a unique award your library has received (locally or nationally), or anything interesting (or fun) that has happened at your library. Personal members are encouraged to share an interesting experience they’ve had meeting their favorite author, an actor who portrayed their favorite character from a book, a experience at a library outside of the U.S., or any other personal, fun library-related experience. Photos are encouraged.

You must be an Institutional or Personal Member to submit a #MondayFunday fact or story. Submissions will be edited for space and ILA reserves the right to select from among them. Send your fact or story and photo (if feasible) to Tamara Jenkins, at tjenkins@ila.org, with the subject line “Fun Fact”.

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(via the Illinois Library Association)

Recent events have shown us that people need to be heard, and need to have a vehicle to share their thoughts on a variety of topics, including potentially challenging ones such as white privilege and racism in librarianship. So we are launching “ILA Voices”. ILA Voices is a new electronic publication that will act as a platform for members to share their perspectives, thoughts, concerns, and opinions on read-world issues impacting the library world.

This mini-newsletter will feature an editorial every Monday from an ILA member, Executive Board member, Committee Chair, or Forum Manager covering an issue they feel is timely and relevant to the profession. Additional content will include news articles and possibly events.

If you would like to submit an editorial now, please e-mail Tamara Jenkins, at tjenkins@ila.org, with the subject line “ILA Voices”.

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(via the Illinois Library Association)

With most Illinois library buildings closed to the public, it’s more important than ever to convey the message that libraries are still working to serve their communities. Our patrons, as well as decision-makers, need to know that we’re bigger than our buildings.

Illinois Library Association’s Bigger Than A Building campaign is designed to help the library community quickly convey information to its constituencies during the Illinois Stay at Home executive order. Resources are growing. Please check often.

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(via the Illinois Library Association)

June 4, 2020

Today, we are called to address current events–specifically, to condemn the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of police officers, and Ahmaud Arbery at the hands of self-appointed white vigilantes. These may be well beyond the scope of librarians to solve, but we address them nonetheless. For one thing, they are the ultimate expression of a set of conditions that allow such abuses to happen repeatedly. It feels overwhelming, and to the members of our community directly impacted, beyond overwhelming to exhausting and terrifying. But we aren’t helpless: It is incumbent upon us to consider these conditions in our sphere of influence–librarianship.

There is a persistent lack of diversity in librarianship; our ranks remain approximately 85% white, despite years of well-meaning scholarships and programming. The ILA strategic plan identifies one of our core values as “Diversity and equity of opportunity”, along with “Energizing, visionary leadership” and “Adaptation to change”, among others. 

. . .

The ILA Executive Board will draft a plan of action to build on the steps we have taken so far, at our upcoming June 11, 2020 meeting that may include future financial support, a moderated discussion series, continuing to feature speakers and content on these topics, curating a set of the many resources available, and other ideas. As an association, as leaders within the library community, as human beings, we are committed to further concrete action in the fight against racism.

In the meantime, here are five things librarians can do right now:

1) Recommit to promoting the importance of the Census in your community, particularly among hard to count populations

2) Make plans to encourage voter registration via your programming, in advance of the fall 2020 elections

3) Identify and reach out to one (or one new) antiracist organization in your community to offer partnership and support

4) Read one of the articles on this list, or one like it

5) Promote the titles and resources in your collection that address inclusion, equity, and antiracism via book lists or book talks, as the Evanston Public Library has done

To read the full statement, please go here.

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(via Gwen Gregory, University of Illinois at Chicago)

Yesterday, the 2020 ILA Annual Conference Program Committee announced that the canceled in-person 2020 Annual Conference will be replaced with a virtual conference. Our survey yielded an overwhelming response (71% of respondents) in favor of holding a virtual conference over outright cancellation.

More details will be coming, but in the meantime, make sure the conference dates — Tuesday, October 22, to Thursday, October 24 — are on your calendar. The virtual conference will feature live program sessions that will be recorded for viewing later, Keynote and President’s Program general sessions, and a virtual marketplace, featuring our exhibitors. Additional information is available on the ILA website

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(via the Illinois Library Association)

This is a reminder that nominations for the Illinois Academic Librarian of the Year Award are due Friday, May 29. The general criteria are below. Additional information, including instructions for submitting a nomination, is available here.

Please direct any questions to ila@ila.org. For more information about other ILA awards and scholarships, go here. The deadline for most other award nominations is also Friday, May 29.

Established in 1985, this award recognizes an Illinois librarian who is making an outstanding statewide contribution to academic or research librarianship and to library development.

The recipient must be a personal ILA member or be employed at an institution that is an ILA member. The recipient must have distinguished himself/ herself in notable service to the forum and to the Illinois Library Association, as well as exhibited leadership and exemplary library service in an academic setting.

To assure equitability of representation of awardees among the various types of academic libraries and constituencies represented in the forum’s membership, the awards committee will give consideration, on a revolving basis, to these factors in the selection process. Individuals nominated should have demonstrated achievements in such areas as the following ones.

  • service to the organized profession through ILA, the IACRL Forum, and related organizations;
  • significant and influential academic or research library service;
  • contributions to academic or research library development through research or publications; or
  • planning or implementing a library program of exemplary quality.

Nominees do not have to meet all the above criteria.

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(via the Illinois Library Association)

We are seeking presenters for the Noon Network. The Noon Network is a free professional development resource for Illinois library professionals.

Noon Network webinars are held at noon on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you are interested in presenting a webinar, please complete a webinar submission form or contact Tamara Jenkins (tjenkins@ila.org). Past Noon Network webinars are available on the ILA website, here.

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(via Diane Foote, ILA Executive Director)

The Illinois Library Association has made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s in-person conference scheduled for October 20-22, at the BOS Center in Springfield. The Conference Program Committee, ILA Vice President/President-Elect Veronica De Fazio, and staff believe that the safety and well-being of our community outweigh any prearranged obligations. We expect there will be a real desire to connect in person come the fall, which made this decision especially challenging.

As we consider options, including hosting a virtual conference, we would like input from the Illinois library community. If you are a potential attendee, please help us by completing a survey, available here, by Monday, June 1. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Cyndi Robinson, at robinson@ila.org. If you are an exhibitor or a sponsor, please stay tuned as we will be reaching out to you shortly.

We will review feedback and will make a decision as soon as possible. We know everyone is as eager as we are to know what the plan will be and we ask your patience as we consider the options.

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(via Gwen Gregory, University of Illinois at Chicago, on behalf of the Illinois Library Association)

The ILA Awards Committee has extended the deadline for award nominations to Friday, May 29.

We urge you to help shine the spotlight on the wonderful work of the Illinois library community and nominate a colleague, manager, mentor, or yourself for an award. Now is the time to celebrate our community, so, don’t wait, nominate someone today for an ILA award. If you nominated someone in 2019, and your nominee did not receive an award, please consider resubmitting the nomination this year.

To learn about the criteria for the various awards, and to submit a nomination, go here. Please contact Tamara Jenkins, at tjenkins@ila.org, for more information.

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