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(via Emily Ford, Portland State University)

Registration is open for the ACRL Presents webcast “Opening Peer Review in LIS”​. It will take place on Tuesday, September 21, from 1:00 to 2:00 PM CDT. More information is below.

What does it mean to peer review in library and information science? What does it mean to be reviewed? How do our professional identities intersect with this vital research and publishing role? And what does it mean when peer review is opened to reveal these identities? In celebration of Peer Review Week 2021, this free webcast with Emily Ford will share insights into peer review in LIS as discussed in Stories of Open: Opening Peer Review through Narrative Inquiry, a newly published book from ACRL.

To register, please go here.

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(via Cecilia Smith, University of Chicago)

The ACRL DSS Numeric & Geospatial Data Services Discussion Group and the editors of the forthcoming ACRL Data Literacy Cookbook are hosting a virtual panel on data literacy on Tuesday, October 19, from 12:00 to 1:00 PM CDT. The ACRL Data Literacy Cookbook features chapters written by librarians describing practiced lesson plans, curricula, activities, and events designed to promote and teach data literacy through library instruction and outreach.


  • Rebecca Renirie: “Ethics and Biodiversity Data”
  • Adrienne Canino: “Getting Messy For Ourselves: An experiential Learning Curriculum for Subject Librarians to Engage with Data Literacy”
  • Tess Wilson: “Data Zines: A Hands-On Approach to Community Curiosities”
  • Ameet Doshi: “Anyone can cook (R)!” (co-author Jay Forrest)

Register in advance for this webinar here. To request accommodations, please contact the discussion group convener, Cecilia Smith, at ceciliasmith@uchicago.edu. Participants should be prepared to engage in anti-oppressive behavior during the session, as articulated in the DSS Community Agreement.

Please e-mail any questions to asklar@ucsd.edu.

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(via Sara Scheib, University of Iowa)

The ACRL Digital Scholarship Section Open Research Discussion Group is inviting proposals for virtual presentations. Possible formats might include either lightning talks (10-15 minutes), full session talks (30-45 minutes), or panel discussions (45-60 minutes. You do not need to be a DSS member in order to present, so please share this opportunity widely. We would love to feature your open research-related work and ideas!

Possible topics might include (but aren’t limited to) the following.

  • COVID-19 and open research
  • Open research projects or programs related to equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Open tools and workflows
  • Examples of open science and open scholarship projects
  • Incorporating open research into teaching and the curriculum
  • Ethical questions around open research
  • Funding for open projects and initiatives
  • Developing open-focused library services
  • Staffing models to support open research
  • Open research and reproducibility
  • Open peer review
  • And more!

Please submit your proposal by Friday, October 1, via our submission form for initial consideration.

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(via the ACRL Instruction Section)

The IS Newsletter is soliciting content! We would love to have your content that addresses the following topics.

  • Active learning techniques
  • Learning object creation
  • Student learning outcomes & pedagogy
  • Assessment
  • Instructional design (universal, backward, accessibility, etc.)
  • Instruction for specific populations (e.g., faculty, international students, administrators, etc.)

For more information on the guidelines for submitting an article, please go here.

The deadline is Monday, September 20. Please send all submissions to instructionsectionnewsletter@gmail.com.

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(via Stephanie Sopka, Goucher College)

A forthcoming ACRL publication, Closing A College Library, is now accepting chapter proposals to be included in the edited volume, slated for a Fall/Winter 2022 release date.  We are seeking authors with first hand experience with some aspect of closing a small college library in the United States.

The United States is facing a crisis in higher education, particularly amongst liberal arts colleges. High tuition prices coupled with extreme amounts of student debt and a decline in the traditional college-age population has resulted in less students enrolling in higher education institutions each year. This, in turn, has led to the closure of a number of small, often liberal arts focused, colleges. The reasons for the closures can vary, from sharply declining enrollment numbers, to unsustainable endowment draw-downs, to accreditation issues, as can the amount of notice before the closure and the fate of the campus, but the end result is the same.

This is not the book we dreamed of writing and it is hard to welcome you to participate in a project about how to close a small college library. But here we are. Even though closing a library was not something any of us wanted to do, we still wanted to do it well. We are here to take our collective misfortune and turn it into something useful, something that will hopefully help librarians do the best they can with the most unenviable task of closing a college library.

Each library and college community is unique; this book aims to cover some of our similarities as well as highlight the many variables that can impact the work of shuttering a college library.

The deadline to submit a proposal is Monday, November 1. Please see our site for further details.

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(via Laureen Cantwell, Colorado Mesa University)

Chapters are sought for the forthcoming ACRL book Spatial Literacy in Public Health, focusing on collaborative spatial literacy teaching and learning initiatives across the college campus.

Public health has been at the forefront of global news and conversations since early 2020, resulting in an increased awareness of and interest in how public health topics connect with many areas of our lives, big and small, globally and locally. We have seen how public health integrates with data, business, economics, our grocery store, historical precedents, psychological factors, tourism, social media, and much more. Spatial literacy skills overlap with public health topics in many thought-provoking and discussion-friendly ways that can help students realize the relevance of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial literacy skills.

The goals of this book, ultimately, are to tie spatial literacy across the higher education curriculum, under the theme of public health intersections. This book will include content designed to have academic librarians and disciplinary faculty working together, and provide multimodal materials to foster successful in-classroom (or online!) deployment.

Chapter Structure

Each chapter of this book will have a specific spatial literacy focus using GIS tools and will be a collaborative effort between librarians and disciplinary faculty members. Chapters can connect with Covid-19 but that will not be a requirement. To provide a foundation for readers-other teaching librarians and their faculty collaborator(s)-each chapter will begin with an overview of foundational material to provide grounding in the established scholarship.

Next, the chapter will include a brief, annotated list of recommended readings that could be assigned to participants ahead of a workshop when appropriate; alternatively, readings could guide or otherwise serve as resources for the collaborators. Finally, each chapter will include hands-on activities and discussion prompts that could be used in the actual instructional session. QR codes will be integrated into the book to navigate users to additional content (e.g., videos, lesson plan modifications, and more) as needed to help set readers up for success in the activity and to save space within the book. Chapters should also factor in modifications for use of open source GIS tools, open access content, and virtual (vs. f2f) learning to help the work reach audiences with limited fee-based tools.

Authors will be asked to house a student-friendly PowerPoint version of their chapter in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox. Authors will be encouraged to have relevant screenshots and/or video tutorial content for the activity integrated into the slide deck, rather than into the chapter itself, unless critical. A teaching librarian, hopefully with a disciplinary faculty partner, will be able to use this content as-is…or modify it for the direct instruction portion of a session!

Final chapters should be 2,000-3,000 words in length.

Possible Chapter Topics

These are just examples of the kinds of spatial literacy + public health intersections we believe could be brought into this book.

  • supply chain management
  • temporal comparisons
  • social media campaigns
  • data visualization
  • racial disparities (and other demography themes)
  • immunization
  • epidemiology
  • environmental health/environmental Science
  • stock market/global economies
  • community health
  • K-12 education
  • recreation/tourism
  • …and other ideas you come up with!

Not sure if your idea or collaboration is a good fit? E-mail the editors! (See below for contact information.)

Our Timeline

Submission Due Dates

  • Submit your chapter proposal by Thursday, September 30, 2021.
  • Notifications will be sent by October 31, 2021.
  • Chapter drafts will be due February 28, 2022.
  • Final chapters will be due June 30, 2022.
  • Anticipated publication date Fall 2023.

Submit Your Proposal

Proposal information:

Authors should submit their proposal here.

Proposals should include:
1.    Discipline or audience addressed
2.    150-word abstract of proposed chapter
3.    Description of a sample learning activity

The Editors

Laureen P. Cantwell, Head of Access Services & Outreach, and Dr. Tammy Parece, Assistant Professor of Geography, both from Colorado Mesa University

E-mail SpatialLiteracyACRLBook@gmail.com to reach the editors with any questions.

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UIC’s Glenda Insua is ACRL Member of the Week

(via ACRL)

Glenda Insua, Reference and Instruction Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is the ACRL Member of the Week. In an interview with ACRL, she shared her thoughts on being  a member of the organization and working in academic librarianship.

What do you value about ACRL?

ACRL provides many opportunities, but what I value most are the connections I’ve made with academic librarians at other institutions. There are some amazing people in our field! I’ve learned so much from them and am constantly inspired. This past year I was particularly impressed with the work that LES did to develop an anti-racist action plan. The task force met tirelessly for months and put so much thought and effort into it. I can’t take any credit, but I’m looking forward to implementing it as LES Chair and working towards a more inclusive organization.

What do you as an academic librarian contribute to your campus?

As a reference and liaison librarian, I help both students and faculty find and access the information they need for their research. That work comes in many forms: purchasing resources for faculty members, introducing information literacy to a first-year writing class, doing online chat reference, etc. I particularly enjoy working with our undergraduate students, most of whom are first-generation college students. Many are working multiple jobs, helping with family, and going to school, yet somehow they manage to stay engaged. They’re truly incredible, and I’m happy that I can contribute to their success in even a small way.

In your own words: 

Being an academic librarian isn’t glamorous, and the profession has its problems (its overwhelming whiteness being one) but it’s allowed me to interact with really interesting, smart people. The students I work with are my driving motivator, and despite the bleakness of the past seventeen months, they’ve shown me that there’s hope for the future. I’m also fortunate to have talented colleagues who push me to be a better librarian.

To read the full interview, please go here.

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(via David Free, ACRL)

Register by Monday,​ September 13, to join the first cohort of institutional teams planning their change process!

ACRL’s Fostering Change Cohort is a 12-week program designed for teams from institutions planning any type of organizational change. Each team can be made up of between two and five library workers, and a full scholarship will be awarded to one team from a minority-serving institution.

Participants will:

  • share and learn from other groups, and define their own team norms and processes for moving forward with change
  • complete a project plan and a communication plan for their change by the end of the program
  • be able to succinctly describe the change process and need to a variety of stakeholders
  • gain a community of practice that they can continue to engage with after the end of the cohort

The Fostering Change Cohort hopes to build a community of change agents in academic libraries, armed with the tools to spark, lead, and sustain change no matter your organizational position and with a network of peers to lean on as you embark on your change process.

Learn more in the ACRL Presents webcast “ACRL Presents: Introducing the Fostering Change Cohort”, and register here.

Questions about the Fostering Change Cohort should be directed to Erin Nevius, at enevius@ala.org.

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(via Alex Harrington, Penn State University)

With the new academic year coming up soon (or perhaps, for some of you, already begun!), we’re looking to bring on a few new bloggers here at ACRLog. We’d like to thank our 2020-2021 FYAL (First Year Academic Librarian) bloggers Valerie Moore and Kevin Adams. We’d also like to encourage new academic librarians — those who are just beginning in their first position at an academic library — to blog with us during their first year.

FYAL bloggers typically publish posts monthly during the academic year. If you’re interested in applying to be a FYAL blogger here at ACRLog, applications are due by Monday, September 13. Send an email (please include “ACRLog FYAL” in the subject line) to aharrington@pennstatehealth.psu.edu that includes the following.

  • a sample blog post
  • a brief note describing your job and your interest in blogging at ACRLog

Proposals are evaluated by the ACRLog blog team. When selecting FYAL bloggers we consider the following.

  • diversity of race/ethnicity/gender/sexual orientation/ability
  • voices from a range of academic institutions (for example, community colleges, research universities, etc.) and job responsibilities within academic libraries (for example, instruction, cataloging, scholarly communications, etc.)
  • clear and compelling writing style
  • connection between day-to-day work and bigger conversations around theory, practice, criticism, LIS education, and other issues

Please send any questions to aharrington@pennstatehealth.psu.edu. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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(via ACRL)

The ACRL ULS (University Libraries Section) Professional Development Committee welcomes proposals for online programs that further ACRL members’ professional development, knowledge, and practice. Proposals should be grounded in theory and/or practice. We encourage the use of panels and multiple presenter models to convey a variety of viewpoints. Presenters are responsible for recruiting their own co-presenters and panelists. Proposals for programs led by an individual presenter are also accepted. Programs usually run one hour, including time for questions, and are offered via Zoom.

All proposals will be considered, however, we are particularly interested in programs addressing the following topics in 2021-2022.

  • Evolving Models for Public Services and Learning Spaces
  • Critical Librarianship, Diversity and Inclusion, and Social Justice in Academic Libraries
  • Scholarly Communications
  • Data Management and Visualization
  • Changing Roles of Liaison Librarians and Functional Experts
  • Digital Scholarship
  • Assessment and Learning Analytics
  • Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

Complete the following form to submit an online program proposal. To receive full consideration for the 2021-2022 programming year, submissions should be received by Friday, September 24. Please submit proposals here. The committee will let you know if your proposal is accepted and next steps by late October.

Please direct questions to Samantha Harlow or Laura Gariepy, Co-Chairs of the ACRL ULS Professional Development Committee, at lwgariepy@vcu.edu and slharlow@uncg.edu. The Committee’s prior programs can be found here.

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