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(via Ruth Slagle, Jackson State Community College)

Registration is open for the ACRL Community and Junior College Libraries Section webinar “OER: What’s Next? Accessibility”. It will take place on Tuesday, August 3, starting at 11:00 AM CDT. Join Elisabeth Morel and Aura Lippincott for a panel focusing on what is next for OER concerning accessibility.

This one-hour synchronous event will feature two presenters, followed by a Q&A.

Elizabeth Morrell has been the Director of AccessAbility Services at Western Connecticut State University for the last nine years and is a member of a systemwide Accessibility Council where she co-chaired an effort to create a systemwide accessibility policy. Prior to her arrival at WCSU, she was a Program Coordinator at the Center for Students with Disabilities at her alma mater, University of Connecticut. Throughout her professional career she has been an advocate for equal educational access and an active member within the system to enhance the support provided to students with disabilities.

Aura Lippincott is Instructional Designer at Western Connecticut State University where she partners with faculty to develop online, hybrid and on-ground graduate and undergraduate courses. Prior to this, Aura was Instructional Designer at Post University, Director of Instructional Technology Solutions at UCLA Anderson School of Management, and Information Literacy Librarian at the UCLA Anderson School’s Rosenfeld Management Library. Aura coordinates the WCSU Libraries’ OER Initiative and serves on the CSCU OER Coordinating Council and the Connecticut Open Educational Resources Coordinating Council

Attendance is free. Register here.

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(via Dr. Rebecca Croxton, University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

The ACRL Value of Academic Libraries Committee is sponsoring a free ACRL Online Discussion Forum on Monday, August 9, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM CDT. The purpose of the webinar is to share findings from a survey asking what protocols academic libraries used during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safe library operations (services, resources, spaces, personnel interactions). While the survey findings are specific to academic libraries, they are relevant to public and other libraries and other academic entities. The forum will present survey findings followed by questions from participants.

To register, please go here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Registered attendees will later receive a link to the recorded webcast, along with access to the full report and the de-identified data set.

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(via Amy Minix, Indiana University Bloomington)

The Education and Behavioral Science Section of ACRL is hosting a webinar panel to discuss how to implement OER. The webinar, titled “Implementing OER in Education & Behavioral Sciences”, will take place on Friday, July 30, from 1:00 to 2:00 PM CDT.

Librarians Dorinne Banks (Open Education Librarian-George Washington University), Heather Blicher (Coordinator of Library Services-Reynolds Community College), and Lindsay Inge Carpenter (Pedagogy Librarian-University of Maryland) will share their experiences working with faculty and instructors to promote and engage with Open Educational Resources. Topics will include: opportunities and resources for librarians to learn about OER, intersections of OER and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, how to build community (locally, regionally, & nationally), and models that have been helpful for implementing OER. Feel free to submit anonymous questions for the presenters via this link.

To register for the webinar, please go here.

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(via Laura Gariepy, Virginia Commonwealth University

Registration is now open for the free online presentation “Considering Data Literacy Using Kuhlthau’s Information Search Process: Implications for Librarians and Data Providers”. Sponsored by the ACRL University Libraries Section’s Professional Development Committee, this webinar will take place on Monday, August 16, from 1:00 to 2:00 PM CDT.


This panel discusses uses of Kuhlthau’s Information Search Process (ISP) to illustrate ways that librarians can assist students and collaborate with data providers to improve the data search process. Librarians and data providers share similar data literacy goals, and this panel pools the expertise of both groups to focus on strategies and interventions that support novice researchers. We explore our combined experiences and jointly step through students’ research phases to examine how each group can contribute to improving that experience.

Moreover, we explore ways to review students’ data literacy needs throughout the research process through the lens of Kuhlthau’s six-stage, iterative ISP. Kuhlthau’s framework, rooted in empathy, maps to existing knowledge about what students do, think, and feel at various stages of the search process. We encourage participants to identify “zones of intervention” that are both consistent with Kuhlthau’s research and are novel to data-rich research projects.

Presenter bios

Charissa Jefferson is the Labor Economics Librarian at the Princeton University Library.

Kristin Fontichiaro is a clinical associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Information.

Katrina Stierholz is group vice president and director of Library and Research Information Services at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Lynette Hoelter is an associate archivist at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research.

Register here. If you can’t make this session but wish to view a recording later, please register so that you’ll receive an e-mail that includes a link to the video of the presentation.

Please direct questions and concerns to Laura Gariepy (lwgariepy@vcu.edu) or Sam Harlow (slharlow@uncg.edu), co-chairs of the ACRL ULS Professional Development Committee. A full list of the committee’s past and future programs is available here.

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(via Choice 360)

What policies can academic libraries introduce in response to higher education changes hastened by the pandemic? That’s the question seven panelists will try to answer in the upcoming Choice-ACRL webinar “The Socially-Distanced Library: Best Practices During and After COVID-19”. The webinar will take place on Thursday, July 29, starting at 1:00 PM CDT.

In a continuation of Taylor & Francis’s highly successful webinar series “The Socially Distanced-Library“, we present a new group of case studies that address how academic libraries are implementing radical service and policy adjustments to nimbly respond to changes in higher education either hastened or provoked by the pandemic.

In this feature-packed webinar, panelists walk attendees through a range of case studies that detail the experiences of five unique libraries as they adjusted to their new working environments and which of those adjustments are being carried forward as long-term policies and strategies for a post-COVID world.

Topics will include the following.

  • access to materials
  • implications for collection development
  • marketing and outreach
  • changing staff patterns
  • changes to the physical library
  • the status of the academic library in the university as a whole

For additional information, and to register, please go here.

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Call for Mentors and Mentees: ACRL STS Mentoring Program

(via Alyssa Young, James Madison University)

Would you like to expand your views on a science technology librarianship? Are you a library student or new librarian with lots of questions, and looking to find some insight into the profession and hear more advice? Are you considering a career change switching to STEM librarianship or looking to proceed with your career development and take it to another level: managerial or supervisory?

Do you consider yourself a seasoned librarian who has gained experience and insight into the profession and could share it with a novice colleague?

If either idea works for you, consider joining the Association of College & Research Libraries Science & Technology Section (STS) Mentoring Program. Prospective mentees should go here, and prospective mentors should check here. If you volunteered to become a mentor in previous years, please confirm your availability for the year 2021-2022.

Once you fill out the form, we will do our best to match prospective mentees with their mentors, and then help you establish goals and expectations with a provided worksheet and send you some discussion prompts along the way.

Participants should be STS members or interested in becoming STS members. Once matched in the program, mentees are expected to join STS.

Find full details here. Direct any questions to mentoring.sts@gmail.com.

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(via Chase Ollis, ACRL)

Don’t miss ACRL’s upcoming Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Off-RoadShow pilot webcast series!

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a movement in higher education to study the teaching and learning that occurs on college campuses in order to improve student learning. Librarians are uniquely situated to impact the learning of students in a variety of ways including: at the reference desk, in one-shot sessions, in one-on-one consultations, through collaboration with faculty, in workshops, and through co-curricular activities. Each of these learning settings is an area worthy of study. By engaging in SoTL, librarians can discover how their teaching impacts student learning.

This webcast series is designed for any librarian who interacts with students and faculty, or who manages librarians who interact with students and faculty.

Webcast 1: “SoTL Overview”

Monday, July 19, 1:00-2:00 PM CDT

The purpose of this session is to introduce attendees to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. The presenters will share a historical overview of SoTL and discuss the movement’s current state. Attendees will learn about different types of SoTL projects and the scope of each. This session provides a foundation for the rest of the webcast series.

Webcast 2: “SoTL Up Close: Inquiry Methods”

Monday, July 26, 1:00-2:00 PM CDT

The purpose of this session is for attendees to explore various types of SoTL studies. SoTL studies vary in the types of questions that are asked and the methods that are used to answer the questions. Often, SoTL scholars draw from their own disciplinary backgrounds when designing studies. Studies can also be designed using educational research methods or drawing from methods used in other fields. The presenters will share common SoTL Frameworks that are used and explore how those questions are answered with different research methods. This module is followed by the module on SoTL research.

“Webcast 3: SoTL at a Distance: Online Teaching”

Monday, August 2, 1:00-2:00 PM CDT

Online environments provide many unique and interesting opportunities to explore student learning. From examining the impact of digital research consultations to researching different approaches for active learning in online information literacy sessions, librarians have many chances to engage with SoTL in online and hybrid learning environments. Building upon the prior two webcasts in the series, this session discusses strategies for crafting and implementing SoTL projects, no matter where the teaching and learning is taking place. The presenters will discuss challenges and considerations, and attendees will identify specific strategies they can use in their own SoTL work.

For more information, and to register, please go here.

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(via Rebecca Kuglitsch, University of Colorado Boulder)

We are excited to invite chapter proposals for our forthcoming ACRL book, Creators in the Academic Library, with an anticipated publication date of Spring 2023This edited volume seeks to increase the impact of academic libraries on creator communities by bringing together ideas for and approaches to their unique information needs.

The book aims to include chapters that focus on any of a wide range of creators in disciplines such as engineering, architecture, design, creative writing, the arts, and more. By bringing together chapters on creators writ large, we hope to reveal shared commonalities of experience, practice, and information needs. Ultimately, this book will enable  librarians to develop more meaningful services for creators and more powerful connections with students in these fields.

Students who are studying to become creators exist and work in two distinct overlapping worlds: the academic world, where research leads to carefully constructed arguments, and the practitioner world, where research leads to embodied designs and creations. To succeed, student creators must master both research worlds, and libraries are positioned to enable their success.

If you have a case study, unique approach, or informed perspective to share in areas such as information literacy, outreach, service design, collections, or intellectual property for any kind of creator, please consider submitting a proposal!

Proposals are due by Monday, July 19.Find more details, including information about the book’s sections, example topics, and how to submit a proposal here.

Please e-mail ACRLcreators@gmail.com with any questions.

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(via Anna Ferri, Roseman University of Health Sciences)

Please join the ACRL Health Sciences Interest Group at 1:00 PM CDT on Friday, July 23, for the webinar “Workplace Empowerment and Engagement during the Pandemic”. The presenters are Susanne Markgren and Linda Miles. A description is below.

How engaged are you right now? Have you felt a shift in responsibilities, in expectations, in workplace dynamics? How do you communicate with colleagues, supervisors, and patrons? How does workplace culture impact your current level of satisfaction and professional practice? In this workshop, we will take a reflective look at this past year, assess our current state of mind, and envision how our professional practice will look in a post-pandemic future. We will incorporate and share brief exercises and writing prompts to assist with decoding organizational culture, defining workplace empowerment, and practicing self-compassion.

Register in advance for this webinar here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about joining the webinar.

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(via ACRL)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) has been around for some time and many librarians have heard of it. Yet, it remains challenging for librarians to implement UDL, as much of the available literature is focused on classroom faculty and often does not match our needs. It is one thing to understand the theory of UDL and have a desire to try it, but to move from theory to practice, librarians also need to have a tool kit of actual concrete techniques that will work in a library setting. The aim of this course is to do just that–provide specific UDL strategies that librarians can implement.

The course will be divided into three week-long modules.

  • Week 1: Introduction to UD and UDL: This module will introduce both Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning. While the course will mostly focus on UDL, this module will also encourage participants to reflect on their library’s physical environment.
  • Week 2: UDL face to face: This module will cover strategies that apply to both one-shot sessions and full courses, plus strategies for research help.
  • Week 3:  UDL online: This module will include strategies related to a number of online instructional formats: CMS, research guides, and videos/tutorials.

Each module will provide a library-focused overview of the topic, with links for further exploration. Participants are encouraged to apply what they have learned to their own library or personal practice through assignments, but sample scenarios will also be provided. Assignments will be turned in via discussion board, allowing for interaction between participants and instructors as well as peer interaction, supplemented by optional weekly Zoom chats. In keeping with UDL, the course instructors will implement UDL strategies throughout the course, offering multiple options for learning and providing participants with choices about the topic and format of their assignments.

For more information, and to register, please go here.

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