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Reminder: Proposals for CARLI Instruction Showcase (Online Fri., May 20) Due Mon., April 18, at 5:00 PM CDT

(via Debbie Campbell, CARLI)

The CARLI Instruction Committee is seeking presentation proposals for the 10th annual Instruction Showcase, held virtually on Friday, May 20.

CARLI members are welcome to submit proposals on all library instruction topics and are encouraged to draw inspiration from the committee’s theme this year, “Re-imagining Instruction After Disruption”.

Submission Timeline

  • Proposals due Monday, April 18, by 5:00 PM CDT
  • Submit all proposals through this form
  • Submissions will be reviewed by the CARLI Instruction Committee on Tuesday, April 19 and Wednesday, April 20
  • Submitters will be notified on Thursday, April 21
  • Showcase online Friday, May 20

This year we are seeking proposals for three possible session types: Lesson Plan (Presentation), Tech It Out (Technology Demo), and The Kitchen Asynch (Asynchronous Instruction Material Share).

Lesson Plan (Presentation)

15 minute presentation + 5 minute Q&A

Lesson plans related to the theme might include new approaches to teaching virtually, recommended tools or innovative techniques for engaging students online, or reimagined instruction for improved accessibility and inclusion.

Proposals should outline an instruction session activity that supports skills-based or conceptual learning and encourages active student participation. Please include a full lesson plan with your proposal. A template is available, but feel free to use your preferred format.

All lesson plans must include the following elements: topic, learning objectives, materials, activity overview, assessment of student learning, and applicable knowledge practices or dispositions from the Framework for Information Literacy.

Tech it Out (Technology Demo)

5 minute presentation + 5 minute Q&A

Presenters are invited to deliver brief demos of technology used for library instruction or to put pedagogical theories into practice (either new tools or innovative uses of established ones). Proposals should include the tool being used, its instruction application, and a brief (approx. 100 words) description of what will be shown in the demo.

The Kitchen Asynch (Asynchronous Instruction Material Share)

Asynchronous material share + 5 minute synchronous Q&A

Rather than traditional poster presentations, presenters are invited to share existing asynchronous instruction materials that apply instructional or pedagogical theories into practice for attendees to view before or between showcase sessions.

These could include instructional LibGuides, Canvas Commons Modules, websites, or other materials. If you aren’t sure if your material applies, please don’t hesitate to reach out before proposing. Proposals should include an accessible link to your material and a brief (approx. 100 words) contextualizing description for viewers. If your example is not open to the public, please plan to do an unnarrated 2-3 minute length screen recording to share asynchronously with showcase attendees.

Please feel free to review the previous Showcase agendas and presentations here.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact support@carli.illinois.edu.

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