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Registration Open for Free NNLM CE Class “Genetics 101” (Online Wed., Dec. 1 – Wed., Dec. 15)

(via the Network of the National Library of Medicine)

This Wednesday, December 1, NNLM will be opening up “Genetics 101” in Moodle. The class is scheduled from Wednesday, December 1, to Wednesday, December 15, and it is worth 4 CE credits. You can proceed at your own pace, but all work is due on Wednesday, December 15.

This is a free “beginner” level genetics class.


1. Develop an introductory understanding of key terms, concepts, and applications of human genetics
2. Identify and describe the parts of the “central dogma of molecular biology” (i.e. DNA, transcription (i.e. mRNA), and translation (i.e. protein)
3. Explain the anatomy of a “gene”

For more information, and to register, please go here. An NNLM user account is required to register.

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