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Legislative News 11/22/2021

Federal News

Student Nurses Who Refuse Vaccination Struggle to Complete Degrees (Kaiser Health News, 10/4/2021)

FDA guidance calls for voluntary salt reduction in food supply (The Hill, 10/13/21)

Bills passed:

SB1828: HAVANA Act of 2021 Helping American Victims Afflicted by Neurological Attacks Act of 2021 [became Public Law No. 117-46 on 10/8/2021]

Specifically authorizes the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of State, and other agencies to provide payments to agency personnel who incur brain injuries from hostilities while on assignment. Since 2016, some intelligence, diplomatic, and other governmental personnel have reported experiencing unusual cognitive and neurological impairments while on assignment (particularly abroad), the source of which is currently under investigation. Symptoms were first reported by personnel stationed in Cuba and have since been collectively referred to as Havana Syndrome.

Bills to watch:

HB5520, Literature Selection Technical Review Committee Reform Act of 2021. To amend the Public Health Service Act to increase due process and transparency at the National Library of Medicine in listing and delisting journals in MEDLINE (or any other current or successor database or indices), and for other purposes. [Introduced 10/8/21]

State News

The Illinois Library Association (ILA) Noon Network has been hosting a series of webinars called Ready, Set, Advocate! The series is offered by the ILA Advocacy Committee and recordings are available after each session. There is also a Toolkit available.

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