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Registration Open for Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians Virtual Conference (April 29-30, Thurs.-Fri.)

(via Joe Hardenbrook, Director of Library Services at Carroll University)

The 2021 Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians (WAAL) Conference will be held virtually on April 29-30 (Thursday-Friday). We welcome our colleagues from outside of Wisconsin to attend.

Here are a few sessions and talks on the meeting schedule.

  • Keynote: “Taking Risks: Connecting Through Real Stories”–Megan McGee, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Ex Fabula
  • “Risky Writing: Ditching the Research Paper and Reaping the Rewards of More Authentic Assignments”
  • “A Risk-Free Introduction to Open Textbooks”
  • “Ready, Set, Engage! Making the Library a Center for Civic Preparation on Campus”
  • “Swim Lanes and Superpowers: Engaging Student Employees”
  • “Extending Digital Collections for Teaching and Research”
  • “The Streaming Video Rocket Sled to Hell: How We Survived the Ride”
  • “Understanding Information Privilege in the Time of COVID-19”

For more information, and to register, go here.┬áRegistration is $94 for non-members, $50 for members, and $25 for students. Also, check out the Conference’s Facebook page here.

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