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Illinois Library Association Announces Current Slate of Candidates for Upcoming Elections (Includes HSLI Member Michelle Nielsen Ott)

(via the Illinois Library Association)

The ILA Nominating Committee has announced the 2021 candidates for election in the spring of 2021. (The names of HSLI members are in bold.)

President-Elect Candidates
(three-year term beginning July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2024)
Michelle Nielsen Ott (Methodist College)
Heather Jagman (DePaul University)

Board of Directors (candidates in each pairing listed below)
(three-year term beginning July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2024)
A candidate from each pairing will be elected in accordance with the ILA bylaws as amended at the 1998 ILA Annual Conference; a total of four directors will be elected to serve three-year terms on the ILA Executive Board.

Director at Large
Mary Jo Matousek (Aptakisic-Tripp School District, retired)
Kara Thorstenson (Chicago Public Schools)

Director at Large
Michelle Oh (Northeastern Illinois University)
Qiana Johnson (Northwestern University)

Director at Large
Julie Milavec (Downers Grove Public Library)
Andrea Telli (Chicago Public Library, retired)

Director at Large
Jordan Neal (Champaign Public Library)
Randi Sutter (Normal Public Library)

ALA Councilor
Paul Mills (Fountaindale Public Library)
Aaron Skog (SWAN Libraries)

Any ILA member wishing to be added to the ballot by petition shall be added to the slate and placed in the paired candidate group that most clearly matches the affiliations of the petitioner as determined by the Nominating Committee. Petition candidates for vice president/president-elect will be added to the presidential slate as requested.

Nominations by petition for an elective office shall be proposed in writing by at least one hundred (100) personal members of the association and delivered to the Executive Office by Monday, March 1. Candidates nominated by petition shall be added to the slate and placed in the candidate group that most clearly matches the affiliation of the petitioner. The determination of placement on the slate is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee.

The polls will open electronically April 1, 2021. In addition, paper ballots will be sent to persons requesting one. The return deadline is thirty days after the ballot is postmarked. The electronic polls will close April 30.

Serving on the Nominating Committee are Molly Beestrum (chair), Karen B. Brown, Deborah Campbell, Edith G. Craig, Paul Mills, M.C. Neal, and Susan Palmer.

Information on each candidate will be available on the ILA website in March. Please e-mail the ILA office at ila@ila.org or call 224-698-1728 with any questions.

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