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Cancelled: IACRL In-Person ACRL Webinar Viewing, “Teaching Online in Plain Language: Creating Clear Research Guides, Library Websites, and Online Instruction”, at NIU on March 27 (Will be Rescheduled)

(via Michelle Nielsen Ott, IACRL President)

IACRL has decided to cancel the webinar viewing. It will reschedule the event for later in 2020. More information on the event is below.

Interested in learning more about how to communicate in clear and precise language online, especially through library websites, research guides, and virtual instruction? Want an opportunity to network with academic and research librarian colleagues? Never visited Northern Illinois University’sĀ Founders Memorial Library and want to take a tour? Consider attending a viewing of the ACRL webinar “Teaching Online in Plain Language: Creating Clear Research Guides, Library Websites, and Online Instruction” at Founders Memorial Library in Dekalb, IL.

A description of the webinar is below.

“Plain language” is a term from the legal field: federal law requires that government agencies are required to use clear communication that the public can understand and use. As online teachers, we can take advantage of the set of clear guidelines and best practices that has grown up around this requirement. The federal plain language guidelines are fully in line with web usability recommendations, and can help streamline and clarify our online teaching. Whether you’re writing for a library website, a tutorial, a research guide or some other format, you’ll learn how to make your materials more accessible to the widest possible audience without dumbing them down.

Light breakfast refreshments will be served. After the webinar, discuss related issues and concepts with fellow attendees. End your morning with a tour of the NIU Memorial Library.

There is no cost associated with attending the event itself, and it is open to all Illinois academic and research librarians, regardless of whether or not they are members of IACRL.

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