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Illinois Association of College & Research Libraries Seeking Host Sites for Fall ACRL Webinar Viewings

The Illinois Association of College & Research Libraries (IACRL) seeks a site or sites that would be interested in hosting a viewing of an ACRL webinar this fall. The webinars that ACRL makes available for the statewide chapters to show (a comprehensive listing is forthcoming, but information on recent webinars is available at http://www.ala.org/acrl/conferences/elearning/webcasts) cover a variety of current issues in academic librarianship. These topics range from diversity to scholarly communications, and the webinars include advice and insights from experienced practitioners in the field. The most recent of IACRL’s ACRL webinar viewings, which Brookens Library at the University of Illinois Springfield hosted this past June, featured “Be Proactive: Overcoming Biases and Microaggressions in the Workplace”.

Each webinar itself lasts usually around an hour. The host site is welcome to incorporate other activities, such as a discussion of the specific issues the webinar raises or related issues in librarianship, networking opportunities, and tours of the library. Members of IACRL who are in attendance can give updates on the organization’s activities and answer any questions. Additionally, IACRL, via the Illinois Library Association, can provide reimbursement for related costs, such as refreshments. Please note that there is no charge to the host library for showing the webinar itself, and membership in IACRL is not required to attend.

If your library would be interested in serving as a host site, or if you would like additional information, please contact Eric Edwards, 2018-2019 IACRL President, at eedwards@ilsos.gov<mailto:eedwards@ilsos.gov>. Generally, at least a month’s advance notice is necessary for publicizing the webinar, finalizing the format and schedule, and completing any additional tasks.

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