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Legislative Update, 10/23/2018


The EPA continues to be in the news. During a Senate panel meeting to discuss the “transparency proposal,” which would limit the use of scientific studies in creating regulations to those with publically-available data, a scientist spoke to another provision in the proposal. This provision is to reconsider the assumption that exposure to small amounts of toxic substances or radiation is harmful. Read more in Science magazine.

A panel of scientific experts working with the EPA to update air quality standards were fired by Andrew Wheeler, acting chief of the EPA. Instead, a smaller committee “made up mostly of his appointees” will be officiating the process. This has raised concern that the industry voice will be favored in the crafting of the updated standards. Science magazine has the full story.


The Illinois Library Association’s (ILA) Advocacy Committee held a very informative session at the recent ILA Annual Conference.  The title of the session was “Learn Effective Advocacy to Legislators from Legislators” and both State Senator Chuck Weaver and State Representative Ryan Spain were panelists.  During the session, the congressmen were frank about what works and what doesn’t and commented on ILA’s Top Ten Quick Advocacy Tips.

ILA’s Tip #1: Get to know your local public officials BEFORE you need their help.

Session Insights: Both congressmen were very much in agreement about this.  They encouraged us to come up to them and introduce ourselves at events, town halls, etc. before we have an issue that we want to discuss.  They also said that they are always looking for places to hold public meetings so offering your library space is a great way to meet them and make a good first impression.

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