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Recordings of Circulating Ideas Podcast Episodes on Misinformation, Librarianship, and Information Literacy (Featuring Moraine Valley CC’s Swanson and UIUC’s Cooke) Available

(via Dr. Troy Swanson, Moraine Valley Community College)

I am excited to send along the link to an interview I did with Dr. Nicole Cooke from the University of Illinois’ iSchool. We discuss the misinformation, higher education, information literacy, and librarianship.

This is part of a series of interviews on the Circulating Ideas podcast on libraries and fake news. I have pasted the previous interviews below as well.

·         Fake News, Higher Education, and Librarianship, Circulating Ideas episode 139, Nicole Cook, https://bit.ly/2wp09UN

·         Fake News and Social Media Analytics, Circulating Ideas episode 123: Nathan Carpenter: http://bit.ly/2AO6rhD

·         Fake News and the Psychology of the Brain, Circulating Ideas episode 116: Laura Lauzen-Collins: http://bit.ly/2w2rXvd

·         Fake News, Information Literacy and Teaching College Students, Circulating Ideas episode 113: William Badke: http://bit.ly/2tKF5J6

·         Fake News, Journalism and Libraries, Circulating Ideas episode 108 Interview with Jeremy Shermak: http://bit.ly/2pZpm5z

·         Fake News, Information Literacy and Epistemology, Circulating Ideas episode 104 Interview with Lane Wilkinson: http://bit.ly/2lYW0T7

Please share where appropriate. Thanks for listening.

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