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Call for Nominations–HSLI Treasurer

(via Molly Horio, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center)

The HSLI Board of Directors is seeking nominations of current HSLI members for election to the office of HSLI Treasurer. The Treasurer will serve a two-year term that begins after the 2016 Annual Business Meeting in November, and ends at the close of the Annual Business Meeting in 2018.

HSLI members are encouraged to consider running for office or nominating a colleague who is interested in being nominated. Self-nominations are welcome! This is a great opportunity for professional service and leadership development, and there are typically only two HSLI Board meetings per year. The responsibilities of the HSLI Treasurer are as follows.

Duties of the Treasurer (from the HSLI Bylaws)

A. To keep a register of the paid members.

B. To collect assessments, maintain the funds of the organization, and pay bills.

C. To submit a financial report to the membership at the annual meeting.

D. To fill out and submit federal, state, or local forms required to run the organization/corporation.

Please contact Molly Horio, Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, at molly.a.horio@osfhealthcare.org, if you would like to nominate someone or have any questions about the office of HSLI Treasurer. Submit your nominations or self-nominations by Wednesday, October 19.

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