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Conference Report – Virginia Gale

The message I heard over and over again was technology in service of the library user and library staff. There is no substitute for knowing what your users want, but, as I’ve always said, we have to stay at least one step ahead of some our users and show others that technology has moved beyond what is familiar to them. I was especially inspired by Melinda Orebaugh’s expansion of library services to apply traditional library concepts of collection development to a patient engagement network. At PSJMC, the Library implemented an updated patient information and education closed-circuit TV network, and I will use some of her ideas as we look to expand on delivering educational videos. Elizabeth Moreton showed some examples of how libraries can incorporate Six Sigma methods, which corresponds to the new Breakthrough Improvement program at Presence Health. Sarah Houghton’s statement that the core of a strategic plan is “What can I do to make your life easier?” is a concept I can relate to and need to make more explicit in my interactions with my users.

I took the CE course “Supporting Systematic Reviews: the Basics”. I’m not sure I will ever be a part of a systematic review, but I’m glad I have the tools if I need them. What I most remember from that course is that all the academic librarians had their tablets on the table, while the hospital librarians had none. Does this speak to adoption of technology, funding, or both? I did bring a borrowed iPad with me, much easier than toting a laptop. Attending this conference, and listening to how librarians are expanding their roles, pushing boundaries, all the while applying basic concepts of collecting, organizing, and disseminating knowledge resources gave me a new perspective on what I need to do to serve my users.

Virginia Gale

Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Joliet, IL

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