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HSLI 2012 Conference – Call for Poster Presentations

A poster session is planned for the HSLI meeting being held on November 1st – now we need the presenters and the posters!!!

For those of you interested, please let me know by October 1st. Information about the posters can be found on the HSLI website at the following address: http://hsli.org/conference/poster.shtml.

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HSLI President’s Message Summer 2012

The summer of 2012 is one for the record books indeed. Last summer, HSLI presented a Consumer Health Education resources class for public librarians at LaSalle Public Library after the board meeting. Encouraged by the attendance of the event last summer, HSLI sponsored a MLA CE, “Disasters in an International Context”, before the semiannual Board Meeting at SIUSM, Springfield on July 10. The board members met at SIUSM in Springfield and at Resurrection Medical Center, Chicago, or by teleconference call after the MLA CE. By teleconferencing the board meeting we almost achieved perfect attendance. Our President-Elect, Stacey Knight-Davis delivered a baby boy, Lucian on July 3. Congratulations to the proud parents! In this report, some recent activities and follow-ups will announce our progress so far this year.

Action: The future of Open Access task force is examining the role of hospital libraries in creating digital repositories. A survey to assess open access and scholarly publishing views to members, hospitals, and physicians is planned to determine interest and contributions to maintenance costs. Discussions of the growth and development of Open Access should be ongoing to monitor trends and application to our organization. During October, National Medical Librarians month would be a perfect opportunity to promote Open Access educational events.

An idea about promoting involvement of new members in committee work was discussed by the board. In the future, recipients of the Syed Magrabi scholarship should be invited to serve on the conference planning committee.

Announcements: Holly Ann Burt, GMR, announced that they are recruiting a Technology Coordinator and that Max Anderson, previous Technology Coordinator will be missed. The group purchasing options were presented by Virginia Gale. If any hospital library is unfamiliar with group purchasing, I would suggest contacting Virginia to learn about the advantages. Thanks to her for working with EBSCO and OVID this year. Dianne Olson, treasurer, reported that our 501 (c) (3) non-profit status was reinstated for our organization.

Appointments: Two changes of appointments occurred in 2012. Linda Feinberg is the current HSLI list moderator. Please contact Linda with any change of email address requests. Daneen Richardson was appointed as the new Midwest/MLA liaison. Since HSLI is hosting the Midwest/MLA conference in 2013, we look forward to increasing our communication with Midwest. GMR and HSLI will share an exhibit booth at ILA.

Archives: Progress in organizing the HSLI archives was reported by Miranda Shake, archives chair. The UIUC archive staff is locating our original contract and an inventory of the contents of the files is under development.

Conferences: The Board received updates for three Annual Conferences. The final report for 2011 was given by Virginia Gale, conference chair. Laura Wimmer, current conference chair, opened registration for the 2012 annual conference, “Shaping Our Future”, to be held November 1-2 at the Spring Hill Suites Chicago O’Hare, 8101 West Higgins Road Chicago, Illinois 60631. The continuing education classes will be conducted at Resurrection Medical Center’s Marian Conference Center, 7435 W Talcott Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60631. A shuttle bus is available for transportation between the Hotel and Hospital. Nancy’s Reception will be held at the Hotel complete with poster session and vendors. The Syed Magrabi scholarship is open to attend this conference. Roy Jones, conference coordinator of the joint Midwest. /MLA conference reported that the planning for, “Navigating a River of Information”, to be held in East Peoria in 2013 is underway.

Illinois State Library report: Representatives from the Illinois State Library, Anne Craig, Director and Kathy Bloomberg, Associate Director attended the Board meeting and reported on the RFP progress of the statewide delivery contracts and competitive grants including the popular ILEADU.

Lastly, I would like to wish two of our members a happy retirement. Joy Kennedy and Carol Scherrer entered retirement in 2012. I am looking forward to seeing everyone, networking, and shaping the future at the fall conference.

See you in Chicago.

Fran Kovach

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HSLI 2012 Annual Conference: Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Opportunity

The HSLI 2012 Annual Conference is only 4 months away, and the deadline to apply for the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship is September 16th. To apple, go to the HSLI Web site and click on the link to the scholarship flyer or CLICK HERE.

Any questions? Contacts are below.

Hope to see you in Chicago!

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MHSLA 2012 Annual Conference–October 17-19, 2012

Please join us for the Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association Annual Conference 2012: Librarians Driving Medical Education.

Conference Web Site – http://www.mdmlg.org/MHSLA2012/index.htm

When: October 17-19, 2012

Where: Baronette Renaissance Hotel, Novi, MI (near Twelve Oaks Mall)
The hotel room rate is $109 per night and includes free wi-fi. Further information about hotel information, including reservations options can be found here. Book early to guarantee a room.

Conference Highlights:
– Keynote: Patient Education – Patient Advocates in the New Reform Arena (Jamie Verdi, JD)
– Trends in Medical Education (Ernest Yoder, MD, Central Michigan University, Medical School Dean)
– Nurses and Librarians: Research Partners (Caroline Medcoff, RN, CNS, Beaumont Health System)

CE Classes:
– Introduction to Epidemiology (4 CEs)
– Walking in Nurses’ Shoes (6 CEs)
– IRBs (4 CEs)

Dates To Remember:
– August 1st: Deadline to join MHSLA in order to get the member rate; MHSLA memberships will not be available at the time of conference registration!
– October 2nd: Deadline to make hotel reservations
– October 2nd: Deadline for conference registration; $50 late fee after this date

The Top Ten Reasons to Attend the MHSLA 2012 Conference:
10. Close to shopping – Twelve Oaks Mall
9. Free wi-fi in all the guest rooms
8. Dinner at the Tin Fish / Twelve Oaks Mall for the Special Event
7. Welcome Reception in the Baronette Renaissance Hotel
6. Networking
5. Reasonable hotel room rates – just $109 per night!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4. Reasonable conference rates – just $310 for the full conference, including the Special Event!
3. Opportunity to interact with vendors
2. A variety of CE Classes
1. Fun!

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Midwest Chapter/MLA and HSLI 2013 Joint Meeting

Save the Date – October 4 through October 8 , 2013, in East Peoria, IL Midwest Chapter/MLA and Health Science Librarians of Illinois Annual Meeting

The Midwest Chapter / Medical Library Association 2013 annual meeting is planned for October 4 through October 8 in East Peoria, Illinois. The meeting will be held jointly with the Health Science Librarians of Illinois annual meeting. The theme is “Navigating a River of Information.” Contact information for the conference hotel is listed below.We hope to see you in Peoria for sharing papers and posters, networking, and more! Details on speakers and continuing education opportunities will be announced shortly.

Conference Hotel: Embassy Suites East Peoria – Hotel & River Front Conference Center

100 Conference Center Drive

East Peoria, Illinois 61611

Telephone: (309) 694-0200

Submitted by Stacey Knight on behalf of Karen Douglas

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HSLI 2012 Conference Star Fish Thrower Award: Call for Nominations

The Star Fish Thrower Award is presented to an HSLI member who has made a difference to the organization. The winner will receive a trophy and be honored at the awards ceremony held during the HSLI 2012 Annual Conference in November. Any HSLI member is eligible to nominate any other HSLI member for the award.
The guidelines and nomination forms are at http://hsli.org/awards. To aubmit a nomination, complete the official form, and submit by mail, fax or email attachment to:

Fran Kovach HSLI President
SIUSM Library
801 N. Rutledge
Springfield, IL 62794-9625
Fax: 217.545.0988
Email: fkovach@siumed.edu

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The Midwest Chapter/MLA Jean Williams Sayre Innovation Award recognizes individuals, groups, libraries, or organizations for their creative approaches to the delivery and management of health information. The winner receives a certificate of recognition and $500. Libraries, groups or organizations that are nominated do NOT need to be Midwest MLA chapter members.

Help the Midwest Chapter recognize our colleagues for excellence in innovative practices, workflows, projects, initiatives, applications, or methodologies that have contributed meaningfully to the delivery and management of health information! Examples from past nominations include, but are not limited to:

  • Technological solutions and/or new technological applications
  • Software development or new applications for existing software
  • New or improved teaching methods
  • Organizational innovations
  • New marketing strategies
  • New consumer or patient health outreach
  • New roles for libraries and information centers
  • New jobs or skills combined with traditional roles
  • Publications, research, projects, initiatives, etc.


  • Nominees can be an individual, a group of individuals, a library, an institution, or an organization.
  • An individual nominee must be member of the Midwest Chapter.
  • Libraries, institutions, organizational or group nominees must be located in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio or Wisconsin
  • Nomination materials and details are located at:


September 9, 2012
Liz Fine, Awards and Scholarship Committee Chair, Midwest MLA University of Minnesota, Bio-Medical Library
314 Diehl Hall, 505 Essex St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
E-Mail: evfine@umn.edu
Phone: 612.624.6492
Fax: 612.626.5260

The Award is announced and presented at the Chapter’s Annual Business Meeting, scheduled this year for Monday, October 9 (noon – 2:00 pm) at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN (need not be present to win)



Or contact:
Liz Fine, Awards and Scholarship Committee Chair University of Minnesota, Bio-Medical Library
314 Diehl Hall, 505 Essex St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
E-Mail: evfine@umn.edu
Phone: 612.624.6492
Fax: 612.626.5260

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Legislative Committee Report – Illinois Library Day – Part 3 of 3

In part 3 of 3 of this report, HSLI president, Fran E. Kovach, M.L.I.S., covers the meeting with Senator Mark Kirk’s office staff representative.

During Illinois Library Day, an appointment occurred with Michael Rasmussen, Springfield staff representative for U.S. Senator Mark Kirk. Two key points emphasized were to encourage the Senator to support LSTA level-funded in President’s FY2013 budget request $184.7 million and to support the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2012 (or FRPAA) (S. 2096). Re-inventing a strong workplace force is imperative as the economy grows to recovery. Libraries support the curriculum of nursing, allied health professionals, and even culinary art careers. In addition, libraries provide Internet access for prospective job applicants. Federal Research funded by taxes should be freely accessible to the American citizens. Digital archives can retain final manuscripts six months after publication with free public access and preserve the research indefinitely. FRPAA would enable smaller institutions access to information formerly cost prohibitive. Having vital health information available to researchers directly links to higher patient care.

I had the opportunity to explain how our organization functions, and that our membership represents 59 hospital, 37 academic, 4 special libraries, and 2 public libraries. Mr. Rasmussen had no idea that hospitals had libraries or librarians. After we discussed how librarians are part of the health care team, he asked if all hospitals had libraries. Now we have opened the dialogue and hope to have more conversations in the future.

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Legislative Committee Report – Illinois Library Day – Part 2 of 3

In part 2 of 3 of this report, Michael Wold, MLIS covers his experience.

Fran Kovach, Eric Edwards, and I attended the ILA Library Day in Springfield on April 17th and 18th, 2012. A dinner was held at the State House Inn with a presentation explaining the process of advocacy with our representatives and senators on various issues.

Pre-arranged appointments were kept with Senators Darin LaHood and Larry Bomke and with Representatives Jim Sacia, Raymond Poe, and Rich Brauer. The Congressmen were cordial and listened to our issues. I was impressed by their willingness to help, but due to financial constraints, the flat level of funding can be expected. In addition, some of the representatives expressed the “bad” times hospitals face with the cuts in Medicare/Medicaid funding. The topic of “tax-exempt” status was discussed with no solution to this problem; however, a formula may be developed.

The representatives seemed impressed that a group of Health Science Librarians was participating in Illinois Library Day. Of course, we were representing all libraries with an emphasis on health science libraries. Overall, it was a good feeling that we accomplished our mission.

In the past, Illinois Library Day attendance was in the hundreds consisting of librarians and library supporters. Now, a distinctively smaller group, about 60, represents these issues. Due to the change of library systems structure and less, support available from the State Library attendance is lacking. Of course, there is no money, but I think now more than ever is the perfect time to ask for support or to ask to maintain the existing support.
For more information on advocacy, the ILA has an Advocacy Toolkit. The toolkit is at:http://www.ila.org/advocacy/advocacy-toolkit

Again, I thank Fran and Eric for doing such a great job. Our team will continue to advocate for our libraries and all types of libraries.

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Legislative Committee Report – Illinois Library Day – Part 1 of 3

In part 1 of 3 in this report, Eric Edwards, M.L.I.S. Public Services Librarian at Benedictine University summarizes the training for Illinois Library Day 2012.

The training session for Illinois Library Day took place the evening of Tuesday, April 17, at the State House Inn. Approximately 40 Illinois Library Day participants attended. There was an overview of the main legislative issues affecting Illinois libraries. In particular, Senate Bill 2073 and Senate Bill 2862 were emphasized as having the potential to reduce significantly the amount of funding available to libraries, and other public services, in tax-capped counties. Senate Bill 3169 sparked some debate among attendees, as the bill concerns library services for the homeless; some attendees raised the issue of libraries’ having difficulty tracking items checked out by patrons who may not have a permanent address.

The other major legislative issue raised was the Illinois budget, and the likelihood of drastic cuts in pensions and Medicaid, which would affect significantly both employees and patrons at Illinois libraries, including medical libraries. The keynote speaker, legislative consultant Kip Kolkmeier, suggested that participants emphasize to legislators that Governor Pat Quinn and Secretary of State Jesse White have already approved of a budget that lessens the harshest impacts on libraries, and that the legislators themselves should join the governor and the secretary of state in supporting that budget. Mr. Kolkmeier advised that, in advocating for any legislation, including the budget, the goal should be to build relationships with legislators, so that if action on particular legislation becomes urgent in the future, legislators will be more knowledgeable of, and receptive to, the needs of libraries.

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