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Syed Maghrabi Scholarship 2010: Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2010 winners of the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship! They are:

  • Clare Bonnema (Ingalls Memorial Hospital)
  • Erin Moore (St. Ambrose University)
  • Karly Vesely (MacNeal Hospital)

We look forward to welcoming and meeting these members at the October 2010 Annual Conference in Lisle, Illinois!

Syed Maghrabi, a dedicated member of HSLI, was born February 17, 1945 in Aurungabad, India. He immigrated to the USA in November 1968. Syed worked at Louis Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He received the Pride Handelman Award from Weiss Hospital in 1995, which was a source of great pride and satisfaction to him. He died on July 29, 2000. The Syed Maghrabi Scholarship was created in his honor, and it supports HSLI members’ participation in the HSLI Annual Conference.

For more information about the scholarship and the upcoming conference, go here.

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