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American Hospital Association Resource Center Launches Blog

Consumer health spending trends

  • Cyberchondriacs?
  • Construction trends: 2010 will be better
  • MedPac’ss annual Data Book is great statistical source

These are recent topics posted to the Resource Center’s new blog to alert users to new health policy and administration information resources they may find of interest.

The blog is publicly available here. A quick link to the blog is provided on AHA’s website here.

The blog also includes background information about the Resource Center and its services as well as a feed of new books recently added to the book collection.

Visitors can sign up on the blog for immediate, daily or weekly e-mail alerts to new postings or for an RSS feed to Outlook or a web site. Comments can be shared on postings.

For more information or to comment, telephone the AHA Resource Center at 312-422-2050 or e-mail rc@aha.org.

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