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(via Brian Lym–Hunter College, City University of New York)

Call for Chapter Proposals

Implementing Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Handbook for Academic Libraries

Chapter proposals are requested for an edited volume titled Implementing Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Handbook for Academic Libraries, to be published by the Association of College and Research Libraries. Head editors are Brian Lym (Hunter College) and Corliss Lee (University of California, Berkeley), and co-editors are Jonathan Cain (University of Oregon), Tatiana Bryant (Adelphi University), and Kenneth Schlesinger (Lehman College).

We are seeking case studies, qualitative research studies, quantitative research studies, survey research studies, and other research-based solutions that can be implemented in today’s libraries. A more detailed outline appears below.

Proposals, including a 600-800 word abstract, should be submitted by August 19, 2019.  Notification of acceptance will occur by the end of September 2019.  Selected authors should expect to submit a full draft of their article no later than January 14, 2020.

Send questions to head editors Brian Lym ( and Corliss Lee (

Book Outline

The well-documented lack of diversity in the academic library workforce remains problematic, especially given growing expectations that the overall academic workforce be more representative of the increasingly diverse student bodies at our colleges and universities. That the lack of diversity is especially notable among the professional ranks (librarians, library leadership, and administrators) is indicative of inequity of opportunities for people of color and “minoritized” ethnic groups.  Further, remediation of racial and ethnic diversity in the academic library workplace raises broader diversity issues, including individuals with identities outside the gender binary and other individuals who face discrimination due to their sexual orientation, disabilities, religious affiliation, military status, age, or other identities.

Emerging efforts to diversify the academic library workplace are pointedly raising issues of inclusion in libraries where demographic homogeneity has historically prevailed. With Implementing Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we hope to capture emerging research and practice that demonstrates ways academic libraries and librarians can work with and within their institutions to create a more equitable and representative workforce.

Part 1:  Leveraging and Deploying Systemic and Bureaucratic/Structural Solutions Since colleges and universities are hierarchical and complex systems with centralized and bureaucratic controls that can effect or impede transformative change, academic library leaders need to leverage and deploy formal structures and administrative resources to achieve DEI excellence.


Recruitment and Hiring

Retention and Advancement

Professional Development and Support

Assessment: Tracking DEI Progress

Part II:  Leveraging Collegial Networks, Politics, and Symbols:

Strengthening and Deepening Change for DEI Excellence Acknowledging and deploying collegial networks, leveraging informal and formal political power, and symbolic resources to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion excellence in academic libraries.


Navigating Collegial Networks and Normative Expectations Leveraging the Politics of Organizational Behavior (formal and informal power) Reinforcing the Message:  Deploying Change Through Deployment of Symbolic Activities

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(via Lisa Romero, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian is now accepting manuscript submissions for volume 36:3. The submission deadline is August 16, 2019.

B&SS Librarian is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal focusing on all aspects of behavioral and social sciences information with emphasis on librarians, libraries and users of social science information in libraries and information centers, including the following subject areas:

  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Communication Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Women’s Studies

And including the following areas of focus:

  • Assessment
  • Publishing trends
  • Technology
  • User behavior
  • Public service
  • Indexing and abstracting
  • Collection Development and evaluation
  • Library Administration/management
  • Reference and library instruction
  • Descriptive/critical analysis of information resources

Please consider Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian as the journal for your publication.

The journal’s website includes Instructions to Authors at:

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(via Jean Gudenas, Medical University of South Carolina and Editor-in-Chief of IJITLHE)

Currently, I am in the process of editing a forthcoming publication entitled the International Journal of Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, to be published by IGI Global, an international publisher of progressive academic research. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to submit your work for consideration in this publication.

The International Journal of Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (IJITLHE) provides perspectives on the theory, development, and application of innovations in teaching and learning. Authors share ideas, case studies, and original research on pilot projects, opportunities, emerging technologies, and other innovations in teaching and learning. Targeting educators, administrators, researchers, technologists, and specialists, IJITLHE creates the opportunity to share successes and failures when reimagining teaching and learning. The journal seeks quantitative and qualitative research papers, case studies, and reflections on experiences in teaching and learning in higher education.

You can find more information about the journal here: and you can also find detailed manuscript formatting and submission guidelines at

I hope that you consider submitting to this new and exciting journal. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

843-792-8309 |<>

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(via Lisa Romero, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Library Collections, Acquisitions & Technical Services is now accepting manuscript submissions.

LCATS is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal provides a forum for the international exchange of ideas and experiences among members of the library collection management, technical services, vendor and publishing communities throughout the world. The journal focuses on many of the specializations within the broad areas of library collection management and technical services including acquisition of materials in academic, public, school and special libraries; cataloging and authority control; outsourcing of technical services operations; electronic publications; gifts and exchanges.

Please consider LCATS as the journal for your publication.

To submit your manuscript submission and for instructions to authors:

Email any questions to the interim editor at:

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(via Anne Doherty–Project Editor, Resources for College Libraries)

Resources for College Libraries (RCL), the Choice/ACRL bibliography of essential titles for undergraduate teaching and research, seeks experienced library selectors and academic faculty to serve as peer reviewers. We are currently seeking referees for the following social sciences and science and technology subject collections:

Agriculture  ::  Anthropology  ::  Astronomy  ::  Biology   ::   Business Administration  ::  Chemistry  ::   Computer Science  ::  Economics  ::  Education  ::  Environmental Sciences  ::  General Science  ::  Geography   ::  Geology  ::  Health Sciences + Medicine  ::  Journalism + Communication  ::  Law  ::   Mathematics  ::  Physics  ::  Political Science  ::  Psychology  ::  Sociology  ::  Sports + Recreation  :: Technology + Engineering

This is a one-time professional service opportunity to contribute to a Choice/ACRL publication. To volunteer as a reviewer, contact RCL Project Editor Anne Doherty ( with your CV and a brief description of your qualifications, particularly developing or evaluating core collections and/or teaching in the subject area. Preference will be given to those who apply by June 1, 2019. See FAQs here<>.

We are committed to pursuing equity and inclusion and seek reviewers with diverse backgrounds and new perspectives to the RCL work. Learn more about RCL at:<>.

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(via John Garrison, Westminster College)

The College Library Information on Policy and Practice (CLIPP) publishing program, under the auspices of the College Libraries Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries, invites you to submit a preliminary proposal for its CLIPP publication series. The preliminary proposal should contain a description of the project, a brief survey of the professional literature that would appear later in the literature review, a pilot version of the survey, and a brief resume of the author(s) highlighting their qualifications regarding this topic. While we welcome proposals on any topic that is relevant for small and mid-sized academic libraries, we are specifically looking for proposals on the following topics:

  • Data research management/services
  • Collection development policies for college libraries
  • Mission statements for college libraries
  • Managing student workers
  • Faculty collaborations (relationships, collection building, etc.)
  • Circulation policies (fines, renewals, limits, etc.)
  • Interlibrary loan

The CLIPP series allows library staff to share information on practices and procedures they have implemented to address common issues or concerns. Each CLIPP follows a set structure of three parts (literature review, survey results and analysis, and sample documents), and should both describe library best practices and provide useful, specific examples that libraries can refer to when developing similar policies and procedures of their own.

Authors of a CLIPP publication are aided throughout by the CLIPP Committee and an assigned editor. CLIPP authors receive 10% of the royalties on the net revenues from their publication. For your reference, please find author instructions and more information about the CLIPP program here.

You can review past CLIP Notes topics here and take a look at the recently published CLIPP on institutional repositories in the ALA Store.

CLIPP proposals are accepted throughout the year. The next Preliminary Proposal Deadline is Monday, June 17. The CLIPP Committee will send out notifications regarding this round of submissions by Monday, July 1.

For questions or to submit a proposal, please contact:

John Garrison

CLIPP Committee Chair


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(via Donna Witek, The University of Scranton)

College & Research Libraries News and ACRL’s Student Learning and Information Literacy Committee invite proposals for the publication’s “Perspectives on the Framework” column. This bimonthly column provides a forum for librarians to share practices and perspectives related to the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. The column editorial team will prioritize proposals that focus on how the Framework for Information Literacy intersects with equitable and inclusive pedagogical practices. We are particularly interested in articles about how libraries that serve diverse and/or underserved populations have used the Framework for Information Literacy within the context of equity in education. Each column will focus on different topics of interest to librarians whose responsibilities include instruction, information literacy, assessment, and related work.

This column is managed and edited by a subcommittee of the ACRL Student Learning and Information Literacy Committee. Authors should submit 100-word proposals for columns by April 19, 2019 to

Past columns may be found on College & Research Libraries News archive.

College & Research Libraries News Instructions for Authors may be found here.

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(via Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra, Grand Valley State University, and Marcia Rapchak, University of Pittsburgh)

The Peer Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) Committee of the ACRL Instruction Section invites you to submit your online information literacy tutorial or other online library instruction project for review and possible
inclusion in PRIMO: Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online.

***Deadlines for Spring 2019***
Nominations:  April 26
Submissions:  May 10

Additional information about PRIMO, as well as the submission and nomination forms, is available from the following link: 

For more detailed information about the selection criteria, please see
and be sure to review the “What to Know before you Submit” document at the bottom of the page.

Site submissions for PRIMO are accepted continually, but are reviewed for possible inclusion twice per year.  If you would like to submit your own project for consideration, please use the Submission Form rather than the
Nomination Form.

**Important note**

All submissions will be acknowledged shortly after the submission deadline. If you submit a project for review and do not receive an acknowledgment after the submission deadline, please contact the PRIMO co-chairs with a request for
verification that your submission was transmitted successfully.

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(via Stacey Marien, American University)

We have a few proposals about shelf-ready and are looking for other ideas – if you are a vendor who provides outsourcing services, we want to hear from you as well as ideas from our colleagues in other types of libraries, such as public, special, law, government.

Call for Papers:  Inside Outsourcing Technical Services: Upsides and Downsides

We invite you to submit brief abstracts (1-2 paragraphs or 100-200 words) prior to May 15th, 2019 for the December/January 2019/2020 issue of Against the Grain.
We are interested in a variety of perspectives and combinations of perspectives.  We are looking for experiences from all types of libraries including academic, public, government and special libraries and welcome contributions from vendors and companies that provide the outsourcing services.  Please send your ideas to Stacey Marien,<> and Alayne Mundt,<>

Some ideas we would be interested in reading about are:

1.  When faced with outsourcing technical services, has your library successfully argued to keep work in-house? Can and should outsourcing be avoided?
2.  How has increased automation and outsourcing impacted internal workflows? Has it made technical services more complex or less complex? How has this changed skills needed and staffing in technical services departments?
3.  How is your library performing quality control on vendor-supplied records, especially for thousands of vendor-supplied records loaded on a weekly or monthly basis? How have libraries and vendors worked together to improve or ensure record quality?
4.  How do you maintain quality control on shelf-ready records and materials? Has your library eliminated or significantly reduced copy-cataloging and use shelf-ready materials and record loads only? Has this hampered discovery or has there not been a noticeable change?

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(via Elaine Hirsch, Lewis & Clark College)

The CLS Communications Committee invites submissions for the Spring 2019 CLS Newsletter. This is an opportunity to highlight happenings at your library with colleagues across the country.

Did your library launch an innovative program or host a successful event?  Did your library receive a grant?   Are there any presentations, publications, or other professional accomplishments you’d like to share?

Submissions should be less than 500 words and images are welcome!  Check the CLS Newsletter Archive for ideas:

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 1.  Articles can be sent to

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