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Legislative Update, 11/06/2019

Federal news

On October 1, 2019, a U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the FCC’s authority to eliminate net neutrality protections, but ruled that states or other local efforts can take action to support net neutrality. Read more from this ALA press release.

Senate Democrats fail in bid to block Trump’s Obamacare opt-out [Politico, 10/30/2019]
“The Senate voted 43-52 to reject the resolution, which aimed to block new guidance that provides states greater leeway to overhaul their insurance markets under the Affordable Care Act.”

State News

SB132 – MEDICAL IMPLICIT BIAS TRAINING seems to be moving again.  Summary: “Amends the Nurse Practice Act and the Medical Practice Act of 1987. Requires the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to adopt rules to include implicit bias training in the continuing education requirements for licensees under the Acts. Defines “implicit bias”. Effectively immediately.”

There is also some movement on SB667 – PRICING-PRESCRIPTION INSULIN which “Amends the Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Act.”  [listed as just a technical change]

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Legislative Update, 10/18/2019

Federal news:

Trump suspends entry for migrants who will ‘financially burden the United States healthcare system’ [The Hill, 10/4/2019]

“Migrants will be considered people who will burden the system if they are not covered by approved health insurance within 30 days of entering the country unless they have enough money to ‘pay for reasonably foreseeable medical costs.'”

Trump admin shifts family planning funds from Planned Parenthood to other providers [The Hill, 9/30/2019]

“The Trump administration says it has reallocated $34 million in federal funds given up by Planned Parenthood and other providers that did not want to comply with new abortion restrictions on a federal family planning program.”

Trump Is Trying Hard To Thwart Obamacare. How’s That Going? [NPR, 10/14/2019]

Summarizes “five of the biggest changes to the federal health law under President Trump.”

CBO: Pelosi bill to lower drug prices saves Medicare $345 billion [The Hill, 10/11/2019]

“A preliminary analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) finds that the core provision of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) signature bill to lower drug prices would save Medicare $345 billion between 2023 and 2029.”

Trump executive order to focus on modernizing Medicare [Roll Call, 10/3/2019]

“An executive order President Donald Trump will sign this afternoon will focus on modernizing Medicare by increasing access to telehealth and innovative therapies, according to senior officials.”

Federal health officials propose loosening anti-kickback laws [Roll Call, 10/9/2019]

“The Trump administration on Wednesday unveiled plans to loosen two anti-corruption laws for doctors, in a bid to promote new ways of delivering coordinated health care while attempting to preserve the laws’ core aim of combating fraud and abuse.”

Dismissed EPA science advisers gather in ‘unprecedented’ challenge to Trump administration [Science, 10/10/2019]

“Its 20 members, almost all of them from academia, had previously served on a comparable advisory panel for EPA, only to be summarily fired last fall by the agency’s then-acting administrator, Andrew Wheeler.” The meeting will address air quality standards for fine particulate matter, which are tied to health-related issues of the heart and lungs.

State news:

1.3% hike in Bloomington Public Library tax levy proposed [Pantagraph, 10/15/2019]

“The Bloomington Public Library again will seek a tax levy increase as it continues to face $2 million in needed repairs while awaiting a financial commitment from the city to expand at its current site.”

ALPLM gets book collection of Lincoln biographer [State Journal-Register, 10/15/2019]

Video and article about the recent acquisition.

Info on the Chicago Public Schools Strike [Chicago Teacher’s Union website]

They were offered a raise but what do the teachers really want: a full time librarian in every school for one thing!


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Legislative Update, 09/29/2019

Federal news

Senate bill would give NIH $3 billion in 2020, or 7.7% boost (Science, 9/18/2019)
“Like the House bill, the Senate measure rejects Trump’s proposal to move the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality into NIH.”

Pelosi unveils signature plan to lower drug prices (The Hill, 9/19/2019)

Political tensions escalate as drug pricing bills move forward (Roll Call, 9/26/2019)

House passes bill to revamp medical screenings for migrants at border (The Hill, 9/26/2019)
H.R.3525 – U.S. Border Patrol Medical Screening Standards Act (View on

Bipartisan group urges FDA to go beyond vaping flavor ban (Roll Call, 9/13/2019)

State news

Just a reminder that the Illinois Library Association is very active politically.  They have an Advocacy program and a Public Policy Committee.  Check out what has been happening lately on this Illinois Legislative Issues page.

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Legislative Update, 08/27/2019

Federal news

New Law Will Require Breastfeeding Rooms in Federal Buildings (

“The Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act (H.R. 866) … stipulates that these lactation rooms will be hygienic places provided in addition to the restrooms that are ‘shielded from view’, ‘free from intrusion’ and ‘contains a chair, a working surface, and, if the public building is otherwise supplied with electricity, an electrical outlet.’ ”

Trump abortion rule could hit rural communities hard (The Hill)

“Planned Parenthood, government agencies in blue states and other health providers are expected to tell the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Monday that they will not comply with its new rules banning recipients of Title X family planning funds from referring women for abortions.”

House Democratic chairman launches probe of e-cigarette makers (The Hill)

“…officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with state health officials are currently investigating 94 possible cases of severe lung illnesses linked to vaping among young people in 14 states…”

Senate bill aims to protect taxpayers from costly drugs (Roll Call)

“The proposed changes reflect the fact that drugs are more expensive than when the Medicare drug benefit was first enacted.”

Senate GOP plans to divert health, education funds to border wall (Roll Call)

“Senate Republicans are looking to pay for President Donald Trump’s border wall in part by putting about $5 billion less in the largest domestic spending bill, several people with knowledge of the process said.”

State news

New Illinois laws take aim at high maternal death rates, racial disparities (The State Journal-Register)

This article provides a brief summary of the package of new laws regarding maternal health that were just signed into law.  According to the article, “Women also have the right to receive medical information in a language they understand, and to receive information about breastfeeding.”

Pharmacists encouraged by new law regulating pharmacy benefit managers (The State Journal-Register)

Among the provisions of this new law: “The new law will eliminate PBM “gag clauses” that prevent pharmacists from informing patients how they can obtain prescription drugs more cheaply, Reynolds said.”

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs 129 bills, vetoes three (The Center Square Illinois)

A quick run down of all the bills that were recently signed or vetoed.

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Legislative Update, 08/09/2019

Federal News

Trump Administration Moves To Make Health Care Costs More Transparent [from Kaiser Health News]

A recap of Wednesday’s Democratic debate, with a focus on healthcare remarks: Biden-Harris Debate Rematch Highlights Health Plan Differences [from Kaiser Health News]

Juul [e-cigarette company] Targeted Schools and Youth Camps, House Panel on Vaping Claims

[from The New York Times]

Researchers weigh in on Trump’s $500 million plan to share childhood cancer data [from Science]

Trump administration releases details on fetal tissue restrictions [from Science]

State News

Obesity: Not a Disability in Illinois [from Lexology]

Extreme Obesity Ruled Not Necessarily a Disability Under ADA, Says Seventh Circuit [from The National Law Review]

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Legislative Update, 07/22/2019

Federal news

Exclusive: FDA enforcement actions plummet under Trump (from Science:

From the MLA
Stay apprised on the CASE Act of 2019, which proposes a change to copyright policy, especially with regard to online copyright infringement (

Scholarly Communications Slide Decks — prepared by health sciences librarians during the last 3 years (Must be an MLA member to view slides:

State news

Some health-related articles of interest from the State Journal-Register:

New chlorine rules intended to prevent bacteria like legionella (

Marijuana potency gets increased scrutiny after link to psychosis ( – mentions a few studies (including one from Lancet) and outlines the Illinois State Medical Society position

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Legislative Update, 07/03/2019

Federal news

President Trump signed an executive order for the development of rules requiring hospitals to inform patients of their treatment costs prior to receiving the services. [The Hill]

New research indicates that the Affordable Care Act has lowered racial disparities in cancer care. [The Washington Post]

The House voted to block Trump’s recent policy that would require ethics board approval of NIH grant applications involving electively-aborted human fetal tissue. The Senate would need to adopt the amendment in order for it to remain part of the FY20 spending bill. [Science]

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Legislative Update, 06/14/2019

Federal news

A slew of health-related stories are the news this month:

From the article: ” ‘This is bad transparency, because it is highly likely to cause prices to go up for everyone,’ Grow said. If all the parties need to expose what rates they were willing to accept, she said, ‘it creates a floor for negotiations, not a ceiling.’ “

According to one former EPA administrator, the article reports, “…the current EPA seemed to value lowering costs to industry more than safeguarding public health.”

Legislative support of libraries increased this year, with more congresspeople signing Dear Appropriator letters for the LSTA and IAL programs. (American Libraries, June 2019, p. 13).


State News

There has been a lot going on at the state level too:

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Legislative Update, 05/31/2019

Federal news

Bipartisan-proposed health care legislation by Chair of the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Lamar Alexander (R-TN), and ranking member Patty Murray (D-WA) focuses on five issues ranging from medical costs to improving public health and health information technology. From Roll Call: Draft legislation:

In the House, Democrats have removed language that bans human embryo editing in a draft spending bill. Republicans are projected to seek reinstatement of this clause. From Science:

The EPA will terminate funding to 13 research centers that look at environmental disease prevention for children’s health. Funding will end with the close of the current fiscal year. The Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), which co-funds these research centers with the EPA, plans to continue funding the centers into 2020. From Science, reporting from E&E News:

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Legislative Update: 05/17/2019


The Congressional Budget Office released its report on a single-payer healthcare system: Key Design Components and Considerations for Establishing a Single-Payer Health Care System. The document addresses such questions as:

  • How would the government administer a single-payer health plan?
  • Who would be eligible for the plan, and what benefits would it cover?
  • What role, if any, would private insurance and other public programs have?
  • Which providers would be allowed to participate, and who would own the hospitals and employ the providers?
  • How would the system be financed?


In a recent press release, the House Appropriations Committee has recommended a $99 billion increase for the Department of Health and Human Services for FY2020, including a $2 billion increase in NIH funding. Major research initiatives include: Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, and All of Us precision medicine, among others. A first in over 20 years, the bill earmarks money for firearm injury and mortality prevention research.



This week’s Under the Dome podcast is “The HomeStretch: Will the Illinois Legislature Get it All Done?”  You can listen at

Interested in having permanent daylight savings time?  It could happen.  Follow bills HB3821 at and HB3837 at


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