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HSLI Annual Conference 2017: Syed Maghrabi Conference Scholarship

Applications are now being accepted for the Syed Maghrabi Conference Scholarship.  The scholarship, named in honor of dedicated HSLI member Syed Maghrabi (1945-2000), supports Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) members’ participation in the HSLI annual conference. The scholarship will provide reimbursement for a free 2017 HSLI conference registration and one night at the conference hotel. To apply, the applicant must be a current member of the Health Science Librarians of Illinois (2017 dues paid) and write a brief essay explaining why she or he is interested in receiving the scholarship. Recipients are responsible for registering and making hotel arrangements on their own. After the conference, each recipient will write an article for the HSLI Newsletter blog, explaining how she or he plans to professionally apply the knowledge gained at the conference.

Applications are due: September 13th

Please fill out the application form and submit to Miranda Shake, HSLI President. More information about previous scholarship recipients and about librarian Syed Maghrabi (1945-2000) after whom the scholarship was named can be found at the HSLI site.

More information about the 2017 HSLI conference October 25-27, Bloomington, IL) can be found at the conference website.

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HSLI Annual Conference 2017: Call for Poster Abstracts

The Program Committee of HSLI invites proposals for posters for the HSLI Conference to be held October 26-27 in Bloomington, Illinois. The conference theme is “The Times are Changing.” We encourage you to take a literal or figurative approach to our theme (use your productive imagination).

Ideas can include, but are not limited to the following areas of librarianship:

  • Instruction or curricular activities
  • Leadership and management
  • Program or service implementation
  • Scholarly communications
  • Collection development
  • Outreach activities
  • Evaluation processes (surveys, statistical analysis, validation studies)

If you have presented a poster at another meeting this year (that hasn’t been shown at HSLI previously), please consider also submitting it here. Let our members who can’t travel have the opportunity to see the work you’ve been doing!

Please submit your proposal to Linda Feinberg (, including:

  • Title of poster
  • A 300-words-or-less abstract describing your poster
  • Author information of name, position title, address, phone number and email address of all authors on poster.

The deadline for abstract submission is Friday August 25th. Notification of poster acceptance will be made by mid September after review by the poster committee. Each poster presenter must register for the HSLI conference, which includes each author attending.

The posters will be presented during Nancy’s Reception on Thursday evening, October 26 starting at 6pm. Setup will be available at 5pm. Posters will remain up until the break after breakfast on Friday morning. The actual poster session will be from 6pm-7pm on Thursday evening where the poster presenters need to be present to discuss their posters with conference attendees.

Appropriate poster sizes for display at the conference:

  • poster board 24in x 36in
  • tri-fold poster 36in x 48in (for setup on a table)
  • wall posters – various sizes allowed (including 45in x 45in)

For more information on the HSLI meeting, see the conference website.

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HSLI Annual Conference 2017: Prepping for Your Travels to Bloomington!

Bloomington-Normal are the host cities for the Health Science Librarians of Illinois Annual Conference this year, October 25th to 27th.  As you are planning out your library budget for the new fiscal year, think about requesting travel funds to attend this fall’s conference.  The conference will host many professional networking and presentation opportunities, as well as continuing education sessions for health sciences librarians. Below are some important numbers and links in helping you plan your trip.


The HSLI Conference fee is set to be $200 for full conference registration for members of HSLI. The conference hotel will be the Chateau in Bloomington, with a room rate of $78 plus taxes and fees. Activities are scheduled for conference attendees from Wednesday evening to early Friday afternoon, so please make your hotel reservation accordingly to partake in all that the conference has to offer.


The Constitutional Trail in Bloomington-Normal

Bloomington-Normal is located off of the major interstate highways of 39, 55, and 74.  There is also an Amtrak station located in downtown Normal with quick bus, taxi, Lyft, or Uber access to the hotel.  For transportation travel reimbursement rates to estimate your budget,  check the Illinois CMS Reimbursement Schedule for mileage, per diem rates, etc.


Finally, Bloomington and Normal are beautiful cities with many activities, shopping spots, and events. Think about attending a tour of the Beer Nuts factory, taking a walk on the Constitution Trail, or enjoying shopping in the area’s many boutiques.  To learn more, take a look at the Bloomington-Normal Visitors Bureau website to help in planning your trip to the area.


For any questions about the HSLI Annual Conference, please contact Emily Johnson,, Publicity Chair for the HSLI Conference Planning Committee.



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(via Miranda Shake, HSLI President)

In our conference-planning discussions, we have come up with some questions and would like your input. Please fill out a brief survey to help us plan for your needs, particularly as they relate to continuing-education offerings. You may open the survey in your web browser by clicking this link. If the link does not work, try copying a different link into your Web browser.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send them to Frances Drone-Silvers (CE Committee), at, or call (217) 383-4513. We would appreciate as many responses as possible by Wednesday, April 5.

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Save the Date: HSLI Annual Conference, October 25-27

(via the HSLI Conference Planning Committee)

Join us for the Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) Annual Conference from Wednesday, October 25, to Friday, October 27, at the Chateau Hotel and Conference Center in Bloomington, Illinois.

The theme of the conference this year is “Times are Changing”.  The conference will reflect this theme, providing programming for professional development, networking, and vendor visits, as well as poster presentations.  Sign up for mentoring or apply for a conference scholarship. More information on hotel and conference registration, the specific CE opportunities, invited speakers, and the cost to attend will be available soon. Make sure to check the HSLI website for regular updates on the conference, and also watch for announcements via e-mail.

For any questions, please contact Emily Johnson,, Publicity Chair for the HSLI Conference Planning Committee.


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(via Stacey Knight-Davis, Eastern Illinois University)

The slides from the presentation “Engaging Assessment to Show your Values & Make Decisions”, given by Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe at the Health Science Librarians of Illinois 2016 Conference, are now available. Click here to access them. The main topics covered in the presentation are listed below.

  • program logic model for service design
  • assessment cycle
  • assessment facets of service design and delivery
    • needs assessment
    • best practices and professional standards
    • resource adequacy
    • implementation fidelity
    • program quality
    • outcomes and impact
  • planning, change, and communication

To follow up with Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe directly, e-mail her at

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Conference Wrap Up

I’d like to start by thanking all the generous people that have donated to the Syed Maghrabi scholarship fund. Your donations via the membership form and through the silent auction are a lifeline to HSLI members lacking institutional travel support. The fund exists to keep everyone actively involved in the organization. Don’t let lack of travel funds keep you at home! Apply for a scholarship if you don’t have institutional support.

For many years I have served on the HSLI conference planning committee. This year you may have seen me serving as the A/V elf. And we learned that while I’m good with projectors, sound systems are not my strong suit. Apologies for the squealing feedback. Either I’ll get better next year or we will contract with the hotel for house sound.

I also helped with behind the scenes work, running the conference website. Thanks to all presenters that sent in their handouts and posters. I also ran the conference evaluation, and I’m happy to say that everyone rated the conference Excellent or Good. It’s great to see that the work of putting the conference together is valuable to the HSLI membership.

The CE sessions I attended on user experience and assessment were very helpful to me. Both altered how I think about my library, which for me is the sign of a great CE session. Once I got home I summarized the parts of the sessions that were most pertinent to my library’s situation and shared them with my colleagues. Being able to bring new strategies home is one of the best parts of CE for me.

Networking is another critical part of the HSLI conference experience. Hearing stories from other librarians about the state of their nursing programs gives me insight and perspective when working with my own nursing faculty. Being able to see everyone in person once a year also helps when we need to reach out to colleagues. It’s great to be able to put a face with a name when we need to ask a question or put something on the list to get advice.

I was also happy to see so much networking between library organizations this year. Presentations and exhibits from RAILS, IHLS, the GMR, IACRL, and the State Library were a welcome opportunity to learn about what other groups offer. After the conference, HSLI was also invited to provide updates to CARLI and CARLI will provide updates to HSLI as well. I’ve added links to all these organizations on an HSLI website page.

I hope everyone that attended the conference found it as productive as I did, and I hope everyone that was unable to attend in 2016 can join us in 2017.

See you all next year,


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HSLI 2016 Annual Conference Report: Eric Edwards



I would like to thank the Syed Maghrabi Conference Scholarship Committee for granting me a full scholarship to attend the 2016 Health Science Librarians of Illinois Annual Conference. My involvement with HSLI has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career, and attending the conference is one of the highlights of my participation in the organization. The event gives me an opportunity not only to strengthen and expand my connections with fellow HSLI members, but also to learn about new perspectives and tools in the library and information science profession. I am especially appreciative of the opportunity to receive a scholarship for this year’s conference, given the challenging economic times facing the state of Illinois. HSLI’s ongoing generosity (I received the scholarship in 2011 and 2014, also) clearly demonstrates the organization’s commitment to the professional growth of its members.

I found all of the sessions at this year’s conference interesting and engaging. There were a few that particularly stood out, however, as providing ideas for my work as Interlibrary Loan Librarian at the Illinois State Library. One was Jacqueline Leskovec’s “Getting Started with Information Outreach in Your Community”. The focus of the presentation was the ways in which libraries can reach out to underserved patron groups. While the State Library’s main user group is state government employees, the ISL provides a variety of services, including interlibrary loan, to libraries of all types throughout the state, in addition to sponsoring programs for members of the general public, such as veterans. Through discussions with fellow attendees and feedback from the presenter, I identified several groups that do not use the ISL regularly but could clearly benefit. One is local high school students, especially those who are researching current issues related to local, state, or federal government. Another is tourists, who sometimes stop by the ISL to learn more about the various historical sites in and around downtown Springfield. The ISL has a large number of items, including historical documents, that would likely be of interest to those groups and could perhaps be part of a display in the public browsing areas.

Another session that I found particularly thought-provoking was Laura Alagna’s keynote speech, “From Surviving to Thriving in the Digital Era”. Her talk explored the impact of the digital revolution on the role of librarians, especially in managing and preserving electronic resources. As libraries continue to downsize their print collections, while expanding patron access to e-books and online journals, librarians must increasingly adapt their knowledge and skills. Furthermore, the preservation of electronic materials has now extended not just to items that were originally in a print format and have since been digitized, but also to documents that were “born digital” and so present their own unique set of preservation challenges. I have not been directly involved with the digital preservation efforts in which the State Library has participated recently, but I have had an opportunity to learn much about them while searching for documents. One initiative is the Illinois Digital Archives (IDA), which contains digital materials related to Illinois history from libraries throughout the state. These items include not just photographs, but also letters, maps, and videos. Another project is a collaboration, with HathiTrust and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to digitize copies of books and other documents by Illinois authors and make them available in the public domain. This includes not just “classic” works, but also more recent materials.

Once again, I would like to thank the Scholarship Committee, along with those individuals who have donated to the fund. I greatly enjoyed this year’s HSLI Annual Conference, and I am confident that some of the ideas presented by the speakers will prove useful in my work. I look forward to future HSLI conferences and the variety of interesting speakers and other learning opportunities that they are sure to include.


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Slides/handouts are available for the following presentations.

“Trends in Complementary and Integrative Health: Web Resources for Health Science Librarians”
Download Presentation

“Technology to Enhance User Experience”

Download Slides

“Third-Party PubMed Tools”

Download Slides
Download Handout

One poster is available. More may be added later.

“Support From the Inside Out: An Embedded Librarian in a Dementia Support Group for Caregivers”

Photos are posted to Facebook and are linked to from the conference website ( Additional photos may be posted later.

Finally, don’t forget to do the evaluation! Even if you did not attend!

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HSLI Conference: Silent Auction Preview

(via Roberta Craig, OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center)

To all those attending the upcoming HSLI Conference, here is a preview of all the items available at this point for our Silent Auction! Of special interest, is a very nice scanner (an FB2080E Bookedge Scanner with Automatic Document Feeder), valued at approximately $1,000, that was donated by Today’s Business Solutions. We are starting at a minimum bid of $200 on the scanner. So, if you are interested, this will give you time to come to the conference with the funds to bid on the scanner. A full descripton of the scanner is below.

Description: The professional, bookedge scanner is the best instrument to capture the A4-seze documents, engineering drawing or graphic arts from books. With the innovatively design, this scanner is perfect tool to scan up to the edge of a book spine with distorting the text.

Here is the full list of silent auction items.

  • scanner
  • painting Pheasants, by Frank Jira
  • Bath Basket in Green–includes body care products, candle, tea, hand gel, note paper, and fan
  • Relaxing Bath Basket–includes towels, socks, and tea brewing system
  • Fall Bath Favorites Basket–includes Nancy Stump vase, candles, napkins, potpourri, tea brewing set, and tea
  • hand-crafted pottery bowl
  • hand-crafted covered casserole
  • hand-crafted vase
  • hand-crafted HSLI mugs (set of two)
  • Illinois State University Bundle–includes umbrella, mug with insert, t-shirt, and statistics book
  • zoo-themed baby gift–includes quilt, book, cup, & more
  • ALA Prize Pack–includes ALA personal membership, notebook, USB charger, flash drive & more.
  • gift certificate for overnight stay at Pheasant Run
  • apple pie jam
  • “Born to Read” mugs
  • 2017 Little Elliott iRead pack
  • one-year ILA membership
  • beach bag
  • Super Bowl 50 salad bowl
  • mini Bluetooth speaker and powerbank
  • thermos and mug set
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