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2019 HSLI Officers Election and Committee Chairpersons Update

Congratulations to elected officers and incoming or outgoing chairpersons of HSLI committees.  Appreciation is extended to members who serve the organization in these roles.

In the 2019 officers election, the total number of 54 votes was submitted via the online survey.  Incoming are Cynthia Reynolds as president-elect,  and JJ Pionke is continuing as secretary. Continuing officers are Roy Jones as president and Laura Wimmer as treasurer.

Elizabeth Sterner is assuming chair of the Nominations and Election Committee, a position formerly held by Molly Horio.  Molly is moving into the role of chair for the Bylaws Committee, a position formerly held by Jeanne Sadlik.

A list of officers and committee chairs is on the HSLI website.

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Elizabeth (Betsy) Sterner, MS, MLIS, is the Health and Human Services librarian at Governors State University (GSU).  Her report about her experience at the HSLI 2019 Conference is shared.

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the HSLI 2019 Conference, Going Forward, Looking Back, in Champaign, IL. I would like to thank the Conference Planning Committee and all members of HSLI.

The conference included presentations, posters, and discussions on scholarly publishing, physical space and collection considerations, citation management, accessibility, critical appraisal, and updates from NNLM/GMR, IACRL, RAILS, IHLS, CARLI. Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe presented the keynote address entitled, “From One Big Deal to Another? Libraries in an Open Access Age.” There were also presentations by Kirstin Duffin entitled “Citation Management Software: Advancing your expertise with freely available tools” and by JJ Pionke entitled “Making your Library Positively Accessible.” After heading home, I spent the next days processing all that I have learnt while at the conference. While I have many ideas for new opportunities that I’d like to implement, I will highlight three that I believe are realistically possible and that will help me engage more deeply with the faculty, students, and staff at Governors State University Library.

First, I want to begin a reading club at GSU. GSU is a comprehensive public university offering degree programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. When I heard the presentation from NNLM/GMR about the Reading Club, I knew this would be a hit with students, faculty, and staff at GSU. The NNLM Reading Club provides the structure of “ready-to-use” book titles and free discussion guides to promote health information discussions. The selected award-winning and national bestseller books, including fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, graphic novels, and young adult titles, align with the NIH All of Us Research Program.  Applications for free NNLM Reading Club Book Kits including books and discussion guides are available online. Health topics include LGBTQ Health, Mental Health, Heart Health, Family Health, ADA Health, Immunization Health, and Healthy Aging. This program offers the opportunity to receive a free kit including books and discussion guides that I believe will be of interest to patrons.

Second, I want to offer a workshop to faculty and graduate students on scholarly publishing. I attended Dan Tracy’s presentation entitled,”Issues in Scholarly Communication for the Health Sciences.” He discussed types of open access publishing, various types of metrics used, and the confusion that often exists between the different terminologies. I plan to create a research guide that covers key journals within my liaison areas and includes considerations for authors before they submit an article to a journal. I will include open access journals that may be important within a specific subfield regardless of the impact factor. Dan Tracy warned against trying to maintain a list of all open access journals within a field.

Third, I am very inspired by Laura Menard’s presentation entitled, “Teaching Critical Appraisal to Students in the Health Sciences”, to develop critical appraisal information sessions for students in the health sciences. She covered the importance of these skills and how to critically appraise the following three study types: therapy, diagnosis, and systematic/meta-analysis reviews. I learned how to identify best practices in study design, methodology, and outcome reporting. We used both well and poorly designed journal articles to improve our own critical appraisal skills. After the session, I understand therapy calculations (e.g., relative risk reduction), harm calculations (e.g., absolute risk increase), and diagnosis calculations (e.g., sensitivity and specificity). I am looking forward to sharing this information with colleagues and developing workshops for students in the health sciences.

I want to thank everyone who presented a talk or a poster. The conference has introduced me to so many new ideas. I hope to use the knowledge I have learned and share it with fellow colleagues, faculty, and students. Thank you again to all who made this conference such a positive learning experience for me.


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Women in Medicine Summit – Chicago, IL – September 2019

Women In Medicine Summit: An Evolution in Empowerment will be a unification of women in healthcare, with the common goal of finding and implementing solutions towards gender equity.  At the Drake Hotel in Chicago from September 20-21, attendees will hear from nationally renowned faculty. There will be breakout sessions with a focus on developing leadership skills as well as opportunities for individual mentoring sessions and networking.  Skill building, Action Plans, Advocacy, Professional Growth, Education and Inspiration are all on the agenda.

Registration is open to physicians,  allied health professionals and others.  To find out more and register, visit the website for Women in Medicine Summit: An Evolution of Empowerment.

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In a news release on November 19,2018, the ECRI Institute announced the opening of the ECRI Guidelines Trust™  to fill the void left by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s defunded National Guideline Clearinghouse™.  The healthcare community has free access to the website.

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Evelyn Cunico, MA, MS/LIS, is the creator and editor of the monthly blog at https://chimeconsumerhealth.wordpress.com  Her report about her experience at the HSLI annual conference is shared.

Thank You

As a recipient of the Health Science Librarians of Illinois (HSLI) 2018 Syed Maghrabi Scholarship, I would like to thank the HSLI 2018 Conference Planning Committee, the Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Committee, and everyone who participates in the Silent Auction, whose proceeds benefit the HSLI Scholarship Fund.

2018 HSLI Annual Conference Highlights Collaboration and Data Management

Collaboration, Communication, and Data Management are among the most important skills across all fields according to the Association of College and Research Libraries 2016 and 2018 Reports on Top Trends in Academic Libraries.

The HSLI 2018 Annual Conference, with its theme Rivers of Data, Streams of Knowledge, invited Continuing Education Presenters who targeted these skills.

Building Partnerships with Faculty, Clinicians, and other Stakeholders was presented by Gwen Wilson, MLS, Health Informatics Librarian, Mabee Library, Washburn University, Topeka, KS.

Encouraging her audience to think strategically about building partnerships, Gwen discussed Key Factors for Successful Partnerships. For example, Gwen reminded us that Establishing Common Ground is a winning strategy.

Barriers to successful partnerships may include limited time, silos (tight-knit groups), or lack of clear direction. Success relies on patience and persistence.

Gwen recommended the following article.  Giesecke, Joan. The Value of Partnerships: Building New Partnerships for Success. Journal of Library Administration. Volume 52, Issue 01 (2012), pages 36-52.

Data Management: Why It Matters and What You Can Do about It was presented by Erin Foster, MSLS, Data Services Librarian, Indiana University School of Medicine, Ruth Lilly Medical Library. Erin is a former National Library of Medicine (NLM) fellow.

As Information Specialists, we have a key role in helping practitioners and the public manage and share data they produce and use.

Erin discussed national and state level initiatives that inform local data management efforts. One initiative is the National Institutes of Health CD2H Initiative. The National Center for Data to Health (CD2H) aims to promote data reuse and collaboration.

To build a workforce for data-driven research, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) enhances Workforce Development opportunities by offering data management courses for medical librarians, providers, researchers, and staff. In general, I find NLM courses on information topics to be very useful.

Erin recommended the following website.  NNLM RD3: Resources for Data-Driven Discovery

Managing Your Online Scholarly Identity was presented by Peg Burnette, Assistant Professor and Biomedical Sciences Librarian, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), and her team, which included Erin Kerby, UIUC Veterinary Medicine Librarian, and Amada Avery, a UIUC iSchool graduate student

Peg’s session served as an overview of options available to professionals for sharing ideas and publications. It was meant to get people thinking strategically about how they are represented online.

Peg and her team discussed Tools for Scholarship (such as Mendeley), Identity Tools (such as ORCID), Social Media Tools (such as blogs), and Research Information Management (such as Pure). For example, this HSLI Newsletter blog is a good way to share ideas and manage a professional identity.

Peg recommended the following article.  Barbour, Kim and David Marshall. The Academic Online: Constructing Persona through the World Wide Web. First Monday, Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet. Volume 17, Number 09 (September 03, 2012).

Dissemination in Action: Communicating in a Digital World was presented by Karen E. Gutzman, MA, MSLS, Digital Innovations Specialist, Galter Health Sciences Library and Learning Center, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago.

Increasingly, librarians are involved in tracking research dissemination and impact. Karen’s session provided a background on dissemination and demonstrated the practical application of a variety of tools.

The session included details such as, exploring social media platforms used to disseminate research, writing plain language research summaries, optimizing outputs for discoverability by search engines, and exploring tools that track alternative metrics. This information prompted me to browse the Galter website on Altmetrics.

Browse the following website.  Galter Health Sciences Library. Using Alternative Metrics to Tell Your Science Story.


Eric Edwards presented the Illinois State Library Update and the Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries Update. Eric, who is the new IACRL President for 2018-19, said that IACRL is looking for opportunities to collaborate with other library organizations, including HSLI. Eric asked that we contact him with ideas at EEdwards@ilos.net.

Joining us by Skype, Jacqueline Leskovec presented the NNLM/GMR Update. Staff from the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) and the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) presented in-person updates.

Lightning Talks 

Although I did not attend the Lightning Talks, I appreciated Nancy’s Reception, as it gave me an opportunity to network. By chance, I chatted with Liesl Cottrell from Resurrection University about how librarians came to the rescue when a fire extinguisher exploded. Whew!


Before Nancy’s Reception, I took a group Sunset Walk along the river. I also enjoyed the Burpee Museum presentation during the reception.

What a terrific 2018 HSLI Annual Conference! Thank You, Everyone!

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On behalf of our members, the HSLI Conference Planning Committee extends a thank you to the NN/LM – GMR for the Professional Development Award that funded three valuable continuing education sessions at HSLI’s 2018 conference. A story and photos about the education funded by the award are at the GMR website.



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Kirstin Duffin – 2018 Syed Maghrabi Scholarship Recipient: Conference Report

Kirstin Duffin, MS, MLIS, is a reference librarian in Booth Library of Eastern Illinois University.  Her report about her experience at the HSLI annual conference is shared.

As a recipient of the 2018 Syed Maghrabi Scholarship to attend the HSLI conference this year, I would like to offer my thanks: to the scholarship review committee, to those who donate to the scholarship fund, and to the memory of Syed Maghrabi. HSLI 2018: Rivers of Data, Streams of Knowledge was the third HSLI conference I’ve attended. To me, the highlights of HSLI Annual are: (1) the ease with which I am able to connect with librarians, and (2) the programming that is relevant across sectors – as an academic science liaison librarian, I feel like I fit right in. The theme of this year’s conference – data management – proves this cross-sector relevance.

Librarians, myself included, are needing to add familiarity with data management to our jack-of-all-trades skill set. To this end, Dr. Kristi Holmes’ keynote address discussed ways librarians can assist in the research life cycle. Her suggestions both to set incremental goals (today, next week, this year) to advance one’s awareness about data management and to develop a communication plan resonated with me. I am a firm believer in articulating goals to help focus my work. Today, I might read an article about data management; next week, I might talk with a science faculty member about how they manage their data and whether our institutional repository would be of use to their needs.

In both break-out sessions that I attended, participants were asked to write down our goals. (Yay, more goal setting! I have found that this time for self-reflection really helps in my ability to bring home what I learn at conferences.) In Data Management in the Wild, Erin Foster asked us to consider where there are gaps in the data services we provide and what resources we might need to develop the services we provide. For a more comprehensive view of data management services, I will be browsing the book she recommended, Margaret Henderson’s Data Management: A Practical Guide for Librarians (2017).

In Building Partnerships with Faculty, Clinicians and Other Stakeholders, Gwen Wilson helped attendees develop an action plan to take back to our own institutions. Participants brainstormed opportunities for partnerships and considered suggestions for overcoming barriers and sustaining partnerships. The goals I set for myself are to be strategic and intentional in fostering partnerships. Our teaching faculty are overwhelmed by their workload. Not everyone has the time to devote to developing a relationship with their librarian. By serving on relevant committees, making myself visible by roaming the halls of the departments or attending departmental events, and reaching out to new faculty and faculty developing new programs and courses, I see where I can target my efforts to improve my successes in building partnerships. By engaging faculty in conversations, I can offer more targeted recommendations for appropriate library services for their needs. I also valued our discussion about self-care and recognizing when we’ve burned the candle at both ends; as librarians, we don’t have to overburden ourselves with outreach, but we do need to participate.

New to the conference program this year, four librarians provided quick tips in rapid succession during their lightning talks. Thanks to Cynthia Ehret Snyder, Liesl Cottrell, Emily Gilbert, and Ramune Kubilius for energizing us late in the day on Thursday. I especially enjoyed hearing Emily’s experience in working exclusively with online programs and her suggestions for reaching out to faculty.

This year, I presented a poster, “Improve ILL Workflows with this OA Search Tool,” and I was grateful to have the chance to talk with so many colleagues who stopped by to learn about this research. I will be using feedback from our discussions to inform the manuscript that I’ll be writing on the same topic. As the Legislative Committee co-chair, I presented this year’s legislative report during the board and business meetings. Tracking legislative news isn’t something I’m naturally inclined to do, so serving as co-chair has been a nice incentive to intentionally browse headlines every few weeks and report on pressing legislative issues.

Thanks to the members of the conference planning committee. Rivers of Data, Streams of Knowledge was yet another enjoyable HSLI conference.

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Enhanced “Library Jobs” Page at the HSLI Newsletter

The “Library Jobs” page at the HSLI Newsletter site has been enhanced with added links and division of the links into two lists, “General Job Boards” and “Specialized Job Boards from Professional Organizations and Services for Librarians”.

To see the page, click on on the “Library Jobs” tab at the top of the home page for the HSLI Newsletter.


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HSLI is pleased to be hosting the Midwest Chapter MLA Annual Chapter Meeting will be held in East Peoria, IL from October 4 to 8, 2013.

At Midwest 2013, participants will focus on “Navigating a River of Information”, appropriately accompanied by the scenic Illinois River that the East Peoria Embassy Suites East Peoria – Hotel & River Front Conference Center overlooks.

The conference keynote speaker will be Michelle Kraft, Senior Medical Librarian at the Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library and author of the popular blog The Krafty Librarian. Michelle will present Emerging Technologies and the Evolving Library. Our plenary speaker will be Sarah Houghton, Director for the San Rafael Public Library. Sarah writes The Librarian in Black, a blog covering library web and digital services. Sarah will present The Future of the Digital Library.

For registration information, check the conference website at http://hsli.org/midwestmla2013/

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Past President’s Message – How Can We Be Agents of Change?

I attended the BioMedical Informatics course at the Marine Biological Laboratory(MBL), in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, September 16 – 22, 2012 with 16 librarians, 7 physicians, 6 administrators, and 1 vendor.

The most important trend was the integration of the (electronic health record) EHR into the duties of the librarian. Before this class, I did not realize the significance of this change in duties. Another intriguing development is Semantic MEDLINE beta. A Unified Medical Language License (UMLS) license at https://uts.nlm.nih.gov/license.html is required to access Semantic MEDLINE. Clinical Research Informatics introduced projects such as REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) and ResearchMatch. Consumer Informatics and Disaster Informatics were topics of interest that exceeded my expectations. Also Genetics, Genomics, and Why explained the necessity of Genetic Informatics and DNA testing.

The final project inspired me to walk unknown paths into the world of informatics. Improving the EHR computerized provider order entry (CPOE) provided lively discussions between the physicians, librarians, and IT support. We managed to gain an understanding of the language and processes between our different worlds by working together.

I would highly recommend this program to physicians, administrators involved in informatics, and all health science and hospital librarians. The MBL BioMedical Informatics course 2013 enrollment application is located on the website, http://hermes.mbl.edu/education/courses/special_topics/med.html
with course dates offered May 26 – June 1, 2013 or September 15 – 21, 2013. The deadline for the application is January 11, 2013.

Fran Kovach, M.L.I.S.
HSLI Past President (2011-12)

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