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Legislative Update – 04/02/2019

Federal News

Health care law is again in the spotlight:

Trump Administration And Democrats Return Health Law To Political Center Stage (Kaiser Health News)

In Blow to Trump, Judge Blocks Health Care Law ‘End Run’ (The New York Times)

Medicare for All Would Abolish Private Insurance. ‘There’s No Precedent in American History.’ (The New York Times)


Following the call for a moratorium on human germline editing by scientists writing in Nature last month, a World Health Organization committee encourages a “transparent global registry” of relevant experiments:

WHO panel proposes new global registry for all CRISPR human experiments (Science)


Additional stories:

New Anti-Abortion Measures Could Struggle for Traction in Courts (The Wall Street Journal)

Why Public-Health Experts Want More States’ Vaccine Policies to Look Like West Virginia’s (Pacific Standard Magazine)

U.S. researchers hope Congress will dig NSF out of a $1 billion budget hole (Science)

Universities spooked by Trump order tying free speech to grants (Nature)

NIH may bar peer reviewers accused of sexual harassment (Science)


Illinois News

There continue to be several bills that may generate health reference questions:

HB 2495 – Reproductive Health Act (https://legiscan.com/IL/bill/HB2495/2019): Currently “Re-referred to the Rules Committee” as of 3/29/2019

HB 3585 – Hospital Patient Protection (https://legiscan.com/IL/bill/HB3585/2019): Currently “Re-referred to the Rules Committee” as of 3/29/2019

SB 1659 – IDPH-HPV Vaccination (https://legiscan.com/IL/bill/SB1659/2019): Currently ‘Tabled’ as of 3/13/2019

HB 0902 – Cannabis Legalization (https://legiscan.com/IL/bill/HB0902/2019): Currently ‘Re-referred to the Rules Committee’ as of 3/29/2019

HB 2604 – Safe Patient Limits (https://legiscan.com/IL/bill/HB2604/2019): Currently Rule and Fiscal ‘Notes’ have been requested on an amendment to the bill as of 4/1/2019


Want to speak up about one of these bills or some other issue?  Let’s return to those Top Ten Quick Advocacy Tips from the ILA (https://www.ila.org/advocacy/top-ten-advocacy-tips).  #4 is “Shrink the message” – something both Senator Chuck Weaver and Representative Ryan Spain agreed on at the ILA Annual Conference back in October.  Keep your arguments simple and focus on the most important ones.


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