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CARLI Seeking Photos From Libraries Demonstrating Consortium’s Value

(via Anne Craig, CARLI)

Dear CARLI members:

I would like to share some pictures that exemplify CARLI’s impact at institutions throughout the state. To do so, I would really appreciate it if you could you send me one or more images that include any of the following:
1.         Your students, faculty, and/or staff with your logo clearly visible in the background (or on college apparel).
2.         A new accomplishment that depended on CARLI’s services (with the accomplishment/service/program clearly visible in the photo).
3.         A valued service that CARLI provides clearly visible in the photo. Don’t forget to include your students, faculty, and/or staff.
If sending photos of people, please ensure that you have secured permissions for CARLI to use their photos.
Please send your photos to me no later than February 25.  I can’t tell you exactly what to send, but I can tell you that a picture of a computer screen or a person pointing to a monitor may not tell a great story. I leave it to you to be your very creative selves!

Thank you so very much! Anne

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