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Legislative Update, 08/17/2018


  • More information on the ECRI-backed National Guideline Clearinghouse, including financial forecasting, has been posted by MLA. Read more from MLA News.
  • Toxic substance regulation will change if the EPA moves forward with a plan to rely more on industry-backed research than academic studies on asbestos and other toxic chemicals. Read the full story from Science.
  • The EPA is rethinking its understanding of human health in exposure to fine particulates; associated rule-making would be impacted. This effort is in opposition to the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. Read the full story from Science.
  • ALA is against the addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, arguing that fewer people will respond and thus negatively impact the utility of the census. Read more from the District Dispatch.


In case you missed it, the ILA just published the article “Legislative Successes: Governor Signs Two Bills”¬†on their website.

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