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Call for Chapter Proposals: Handbook of Clinical Librarianship (MLA Publication)

(via Erin Watson, University of Saskatchewan)

Handbook of Clinical Librarianship

The MLA Books Panel seeks an author/editor for a book on clinical librarianship.  The information included should provide starting points and basic resources for librarians interested in pursuing a clinical librarian position or starting a clinical librarian service at their institution.

Note that at this time, we are not seeking authors of individual chapters, but rather authors or editors for the entire book.
Topics could include

*         What does a clinical librarian do?

*         How to prepare; knowledge required; learning on the job

*         Rounding, morning reports and case conferences – how to prepare, finding one’s place on the team, acting as a patient advocate; tips; answering questions at the point of care

*         Demonstrating value to health care providers, the institution and the library

*         Finding information for patients; providing information prescriptions

*         Participating in journal clubs

*         Promoting clinical librarian services

*         Expert searching including clinical guideline development

*         Benefits and challenges (including emotional ones) of being a clinical librarian

*         Ethical and legal aspects of working in a clinical environment (e.g., compliance with privacy legislation, need for vaccinations, etc.)

If you are interested in serving as the author or editor of the entire book, please complete the Step One form available at and send it to Martha Lara at<>

For more information on the MLA publishing process, please visit

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me off-list at<>

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