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Poster Presenters at HSLI Annual Conferences to Receive Financial Support

(via Roy Jones, Health Science Librarians of Illinois President-Elect)

The HSLI board was very pleased with the quality and outstanding number of posters presented at our recent annual conference. In an effort to encourage continued involvement in this important professional activity, the board has approved a 2 year experiment intended to provide financial support to members presenting posters. This program will provide a conference registration discount for those attendees that submit and present posters. The suggested target amount is a $50.00 discount to each presenter; but scalable depending on the amount of funding available.

Funding will depend on donations made by members in support of this activity, much as donations are made to the 2 existing scholarship funds. The board will match the total of poster contributions up to a maximum of $200 for any one conference. The conference planning committee will then determine the level of support available based on the amount of contributions, matching funds and number of posters submitted.

When filling out the HSLI renewal form, consider checking the box for Poster Support and include a contribution along with annual dues. While the Board knows not everyone will be able to donate, it does encourage those who can to support this initiative.

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