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November 19 Meeting of NN/LM – GMR Regional Advisory Council (Part 3 of 3)

(via Laura Wimmer, Presence Resurrection Medical Center)

Note: This is the “official” version of the minutes, separate from last month’ss posts covering the RAC meeting.

The GMR Outreach Library Program

Beth Layton outlined the Outreach Library Program and shared information from the 2014-15 annual reports. The presentation covered topics such as the library Outreach Committees, the types of internal and external partners, activities including public health activities, areas of focus, additional project funding, outreach libraries in the literature and in the news, and challenges.

Focused discussion on the Outreach Library Program

The RAC and GMR staff did a 1-2-4-All exercise about the Outreach Library Program. Everyone was asked think of an example about the Outreach Library activities that they think shows outreach at its best. Everyone then found a partner and discussed their examples; that pair found a second pair and the group of four identified two examples to share with everyone. The data and the data synopsis are provided in a separate document. (See posts immediately following this one.)

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