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NN/LM – GMR Regional Advisory Council Focused Discussion on Outreach (Part 2 of 2)

(via Laura Wimmer, Presence Resurrection Medical Center)

November 19, 2015

Findings by Group

Red group:

* Provide document delivery/interlibrary loan for unaffiliated health professionals.

* Build on train-the-trainer models; more broadly stated share ideas and successful projects.

Green group:

* Assist people without computers. [Sidebar 1]

* Improve communication, build on and share ideas.

Blue group

* Communicate about new webinar topics and among each other.

* Work through partnerships for different projects or events. [This may improve sustainability.]

* Sidebar 2

* Increase promotion; highlight network activity on Facebook.

Purple group

* Integrate consumer health information literacy into curriculums so that practitioners can help patients. (This may include groups outside of health care, for example clergy.)

* Develop external partnerships, especially community based organizations, public schools and community colleges.

Orange group

* Train at senior centers.

* Collaborate with multiple types of libraries.


1. Realize that different populations have different needs. The needs of the underserved are different.

2. Expense of materials, especially patient education resources, may be prohibitive. Also, there may be little on important topics that patients need information about.

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