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NN/LM – GMR Regional Advisory Council Focused Discussion on Outreach (Part 1 of 2)

(via Laura Wimmer, Presence Resurrection Medical Center)

November 19, 2015

Synopsis and Data

The group was asked to “Think of an example about the Outreach Library activities that you think shows outreach at its best”, using the 1-2-4-All process, where individual reflected on the question, then shared their thoughts with a second person, that group shared with another group, and the group of four picked two ideas to share with the entire group.

For analysis the ideas were grouped into categories. The category “Communication and Idea Sharing” was the top category with the concepts of building on ideas or models, communicating ideas among the group and about educational events on outreach, and increasing promotion. “Partnerships”, the concept of collaborating with multiple types of libraries and with external partners like community based organizations and public schools, was the next highest category. There were two action suggestions that reflected the need–assist people without computers and help specific populations train at senior centers. Provide document delivery/interlibrary loan for unaffiliated health professionals was a suggestion that resonated with many in the meeting. Lastly, the concept of integration of consumer health information literacy into curriculums is one concept that is generally not equated with outreach. However, this is a concept that could have a real impact and should be further explored.

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