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November 19 Meeting of NN/LM – GMR Regional Advisory Council (Part 1 of 3)

(via Laura Wimmer, Presence Resurrection Medical Center)

Note: This is the “official” version of the minutes, separate from last month’s posts covering the RAC meeting.

RAC Members present: Arlis Dittmer, Laura Wimmer, Don Pearson, Elisabeth Rowan, Corey B. Smith, Liz Weinfurter, Pam Bradigan, Matt Hoy, Ron Padot, Barbara Platts, Priya Shenoy, Scott Thomson, Martha Hardy.

RAC Members absent: Jane Blumenthal, Heather Holmes, Neal Nixon, Cody McSellers-McCray, Molly Youngkin, Gail Hendler

GMR staff present: Kate Carpenter, Beth Layton, Carol Bean, Holly Burt, Samanthi Hewakapuge, Jacqueline Leskovec, Irene Williams

Welcome and Introductions

Kate Carpenter welcomed the attendees and asked each person to introduce themselves. Donald Pearson was welcomed as the new Ohio representative. Christine Frank and Mary Blackwelder retired since the last meeting; both are Resource Library Director representatives. Scott Thomson and Gail Hendler agreed to serve out their terms. Scott attended the meeting; Gail was unable to attend the meeting.

GMR Update

Beth Layton, Holly Burt, Samanthi Hewakapuge, Jacqueline Leskovec, and Irene Williams presented the update. Holly presented the sections on educational activities, exhibits and the historical collections initiative. Irene shared information about DOCLINE, e-licensing, and community colleges. Samanthi highlighted consumer outreach activities and efforts with tribal colleges. Jacqueline talked about communication, evaluation and planning, and the Library Student Outreach Award. Carol Bean, the new Technology Coordinator who started on March 30, highlighted the information technology program which consists of education and awards. Beth discussed services by state and awards funded.


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