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New ‘Member Publications Page’ on HSLI Website: Calling for Contributions

The HSLI Member Publications Page is in development for the HSLI website. If you have published articles, chapters, reviews, books, posters, presentations or obtained grants. Please send your bibliography to Stacey Knight-Davis at slknight@eiu.edu. Below are the guidelines to follow for submissions.

HSLI Member Publications Listing – Inclusion Guidelines

Citations shall be retained in the listing according to the schedule below:

Grants – Five years

Posters – Five years

Publications – Five years

Presentations – Three years

For book reviews, only the name of the publication for which the member reviews shall be included. Individual reviews will not be listed as publications, unless they are article-length.

Publications from retired members shall be retained for the lifetime of the member so long as they maintain an active membership.

Citations shall be removed from the list if a member is more than two years overdue on dues payments.

Citations from deceased members shall be removed within one year of the member’s death.

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